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Why I Care - Susan

I was 18 when I lost my dad to cancer; however, we did not know the illness he had been battling until after he had passed away. Doctors had diagnosed a myriad of illnesses starting with pneumonia and moving to sarcoidosis. However, what I remember most vividly from those few months is not the treatment he endured but that we continually tried to make him as comfortable as possible; my mom and I even bought a lazy boy couch for him because he said: “we do not have any comfortable couches in this whole house!” I think everyone who has had someone close to them who is sick, whether the illness is cancer or the flu, can relate to this feeling. While you cannot physically fight the disease for them, you can try your best to make their life a little easier and more comfortable.

Ever since my father died I have wanted to use my experience to help others but never quite found the right cause for me, which is why when Chat approached me with the idea for Care + Wear I was ecstatic! This was an opportunity for me to utilize my work experience in the fashion industry and at the same time create a company and product that would make patient’s lives easier.

With this goal in mind, our team has developed Care + Wear’s first product- our Ultrasoft Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover. Our Cover is designed to make life easier and be a protective treatment accessory for patients living with PICC lines. Furthermore, we have partnered with the American Cancer Society, Tyler Robinson Foundation, and F Cancer to allow our product to reach a more global community and to give back to other foundations helping patients and families in their own way.

Welcome to our Care+Wear community; we would love to hear your story!

- Susan Jones, Co-Founder, Care+Wear

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Gay Staats

Gay Staats

August 19, 2017

Knowing your family and friends, I believe I stand al little taller just by knowing you. Your work is more powerful than you can capture in words. I believe you are just beginning a journey which will carry your father’s memeory for a long and rewarding ride!
Best of luck Susan and Company

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