Healthcare Chat: Care+Wear’s 2021 Retrospective

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Healthcare Chat: Care+Wear’s 2021 Retrospective

  • 2 min read
To our incredible community,


This year has been challenging. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us to innovate ways to maintain closeness while being physically distanced; it has instigated tension between science and politics; and it has caused enduring losses across the country, and around the world.

At Care+Wear, we’ve devoted ourselves to giving back to our community of patients, clinicians, and their loved ones during this trying time. We focused on evolving and introducing new products, engaging with our community members, and building a better customer experience. Our north star has been - and will continue to be - serving you: our community of patients, clinicians and their loved ones. 

  • With the launch of our Care+Wear x N Natori Scrubs Collection, we expanded our product offering beyond our patient community, bringing dignity, style, and comfort to the hardworking clinicians who work day-in and day-out to deliver care. We will continue to broaden our scrubs line, including the most recent addition: our Reversible Fleece Jackets. Stay tuned for additional expansions to our scrubs collection in the new year, including new designs, colors, and sizes!
  • Consistent with our values, we incorporated your feedback to improve the incredible products we develop. From adding a silicone band to our PICC Line Cover, to launching our Arm Access Shirt which broadens the products available to our existing community of PICC, reimagining the healthcare experience remains at the core of our efforts. 
  • Thanks to you, we saw an incredible volume of responses to our first-ever patient experience survey, launching a full suite of thought leadership initiatives that will further solve your needs. 
  • Finally, we’ve grown our team, continuing to attract talented individuals that are passionate and enthusiastic about reimagining how the world looks at and feels about healthcare. The drive and commitment of our wonderful team astounds me every day -- without them, everything we do would not be possible. 

As the year comes to an end, I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to lead this team, and serve this incredible community. Wishing you an incredible season filled with love, laughter, and health. 



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