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Thank You and Happy Holidays!

  • 1 min read

Happy holidays and happy new year! We hope you have had a great 2016 and have a wonderful 2017!

We wanted to thank you for an incredible year. In 2016, we saw our antimicrobial PICC line covers grow into several leading hospitals, pharmacies, gift shops, and e-commerce sites. We added many new colors and designs, including our tonal collection. And we expanded our products worldwide! 

In terms of our products, we added our industry-leading antimicrobial port shirts after having many patients and clinicians ask for a better solution!

We were asked to participate and speak at a number of conferences and events and started sharing our story publicly

So what's to come? We will always keep working on better and more solutions for you. We continue to refine our industry-leading antimicrobial PICC line covers and antimicrobial port shirts. We are bringing out more colors and designs and refining current products.

We're also working on exciting new products with the ultimate goal of building the brand that enables you to live your life and feel like a person again. 

We will never stop working for you! To that end, we're expanding our team and excited to continue growing. 

Stay tuned for more updates and we're excited to make this an even better 2017!

Happy New Year!

Susan and Chat, Co-Founders, Care+Wear

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