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The Cancer Schmancer Movement is a three-prong organization dedicated to early detection of cancer, cancer prevention, and policy change. By educating and transforming patients into medical consumers, offering programs and conferences, and getting involved (Cancer Schmancer was instrumental in passing 2007's Gynecologic Cancer Education & Awareness Act by unanimous consent -- the first of its kind in US history!), Cancer Schmancer has only furthered their mission to shift the nation's focus from just searching for a cure to actual prevention and early detection of cancer in order to save lives.

 Cancer Schmancer was founded by Fran Drescher after she published Cancer Schmancer, where she wrote in detail about her experience as a uterine cancer survivor. After being misdiagnosed and mistreated for a peri-menopausal condition she didn't have, her doctors told her she was experiencing symptoms because of a long list of false reasons – too young, too thin, even eating too much spinach! She was then prescribed hormones to treat the symptoms, but her doctors again didn’t order the proper diagnostic tests. Finally, after an endometrial biopsy, her greatest fear was confirmed; she had cancer. It took her two years and eight doctors before finally being told she had a gynecologic cancer.


After she went on her book tour, she realized that the book was not the end but rather the beginning of a lifelong mission to improve women's healthcare in America and to prevent other women from experiencing the same things she did. Toward this end, she started the Cancer Schmancer Movement and Cancer Schmancer Foundation to transform women from patients into medical consumers, and to shift this nation's healthcare priorities.

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Cancer Schmancer has a variety of programs including Fran Vans, which provides life-saving cancer screening tests to women with usually limited access, Detox Your Home parties, which encourages environmental awareness and being mindful of what you bring into your home, and the We the Future Youth Movement, which allows youth to connect with other advocates for health and be able to participate in dialogue together.

In addition to their programs, Cancer Schmancer also holds events such as the Cabaret Cruise, an exclusive, all-VIP experience on the luxurious Hornblower Infinity, and the annual Health Summit, an intense, educational day that dives into topics robotic surgery, biodynamic farming, overcoming trauma, and more. 

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