We established Care+Wear with the core value of giving back. We wanted to help patients and broaden our impact on the community at the same time.

We are committed to giving to foundations that support patients and families through education, financial assistance, emotional aid and more. By partnering with foundations, we can extend our reach beyond the hospital and into the community.

We partner with foundations like The American Cancer Society, CancerCare, Cancer Schmancer, and Rock CF to bring patients clothing and accessories designed with their needs in mind. Care+Wear gives back a large percentage of sales to foundation partners so they can continue their great work improving patient lives.

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Sizing & Instructions

How to find your size

Have a friend measure the circumference of your bicep where the PICC line will be or is already inserted.

Compare your measurement to the chart below. For best fit, use our sizing chart. When in doubt, go smaller - our covers are stretchy!

*Don't see your size? Email us at with your bicep measurement and we will get it for you! 

Order Size Bicep Measurement (in.) Bicep Measurement (cm)
7-9 18-23
9-11 23-28
S 11-13 28-33
M 13-15 33-38
L 15-17 38-43
XL 17-19 43-48


  1. Place the cover over dressing. Fit should be snug, mesh window should cover PICC site. The logo should be at the bottom of the cover.
  2. Remove daily to inspect site
  3. Wash regularly.
  4. Contact your doctor immediately with any swelling, redness, pain, or fever.