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Healthwear that bridges fashion and function.

Designed to care for patients and clinicians.

Hospital Gowns

Soft, durable material and construction

Color-coded fastening strings

Strategically-placed snaps offer easy access

Versatile and reversible for all patient types

Custom colors, embroidery and team orders available


Soft, flexible fabric

Durable to withstand 75+ industrial washes

Moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and wrinkle-resistant

Available in sizes from XS to XXL

Custom colors, embroidery and team orders available

PICC Line Cover

Breathable mesh window enables easy monitoring

EPA-approved antimicrobial fabric

Protects against pulls, snags, and migration

Fits comfortably over dressing and under clothing

Available in multiple sizes, colors, and styles

Post Surgical Recovery Bra

Adjustable velcro opening and strap

Clinically compatible drain access

Comfy, breathable lining for nipple reconstruction

EPA-approved antimicrobial treated fabric

Pockets in lining for ice pack insertion

NICU Bodysuit

Adjustable snaps and gentle ties

Easy access for diaper changes

Full-body coverage provides warmth

EPA-approved antimicrobial fabric

Diagonal closure protects sensitive areas

Creating healthwear that
not only looks and feels great,
but truly performs.

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