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Our Women's Chest Access Shirt was designed to be fashionable while providing easy access to your chest area during treatment at home or at your treatment center. Whether you have a central line, port, or any other need to access your chest, our shirts allow you or your clinician to reach your treatment site without disrobing so that you’re comfortable during treatment. Our shirts feature:

  • A unique zipper opening on either the right or left side, designed for whichever side you need to access
  • Ultra-soft premium fabric that feels just as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt
  • EPA approved antimicrobial treated fabric
  • Compatible with central line, tunneled venous catheter, implanted port or port-a-cath devices
    • Related treatments include chemotherapy, dialysis, long-term blood draws and antibiotics
  • Content:
    • Cotton / modal blend
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Does not contain any latex or natural rubbers
  • Designed in USA, made in PRC
Size Guide
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Wash before use
  • Contact your doctor immediately with any redness, swelling, pain, or fever

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to access your chest!

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Sizing & Guidelines

PICC Line Covers

  • Measurements

    Have a friend measure the circumference of your bicep where the PICC line will be or is already inserted.

    Compare your measurement to the chart below. For best fit, use our sizing chart. When in doubt, go smaller - our covers are stretchy.

  • Placement Instructions

    1. Place the cover over medical dressing. Fit should be snug, mesh window should cover PICC site. The Care+Wear logo should be at the bottom of the cover once placed.

    2. Remove daily to inspect PICC line site.

    3. Wash regularly.

    4. Contact your doctor immediately with any swelling, redness, pain, or fever.

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       24 inches across the front chest when laid flat, 59 inches across bottom hem sweep, 46.25 inches in length from shoulder to bottom hem.

    • Medium Measurements

        24.625 inches across the front chest when laid flat, 63 inches across bottom hem sweep, 46 inches in length from shoulder to bottom hem.

    • Large Measurements

        24.75 inches across the front chest when laid flat, 67 inches across bottom hem sweep, 46.5 inches in length from shoulder to bottom hem.


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