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10 Essential Gifts For Nursing Students And New Nurses

  • 4 min read


The day someone officially becomes a nurse is a significant milestone in their career! Show your love and appreciation to a new nurse or a nurse-to-be with essential gifts that will make their lives and jobs easier. Check out our top 10 essential gifts for nurses below.



As most of us know, doctor’s offices and hospitals tend to be chilly, making Underscrub shirts the perfect way for nurses to stay warm and comfortable during their long shifts. Care+Wear underscrubs are made from soft, absorbent fabric that acts as an effective base layer beneath scrubs or any outfit, keeping you cool or dry around the clock. It’s a staple in every healthcare professional's wardrobe.

Fleece Jackets

A warm and cozy fleece jacket is another great gift for new nurses and nursing students to defeat the cold shifts. Make sure to coordinate with your nurse’s favorite scrubs color! Like underscrubs, fleece jackets can be worn not only at work, but anywhere else your day or night might take you. Care+Wear X Natori fleece jackets are comfortable and reversible, with a badge clip and pockets making it the perfect fashionable and functional outerwear. With our custom embroidery feature, new nurses can proudly wear their credentials and name on their fleece!

Nurse Shoes

Every nurse knows long shifts require comfortable shoes! Gone are the days of clogs being the universal nursing shoes. Today there are quite a few brands creating footwear for nurses that are not only comfortable but stylish, too. For a more versatile look, nurses are opting for sneakers like Bala and Clove. Both Bala and Clove sneakers are designed with the help and feedback of real healthcare professionals, making it a must-have for new nurses entering the field. They are breathable, fluid resistant, and offer amazing arch support for long and busy days!

Shift Essentials


One of the best gifts for new nurses and nursing students is an essential in many healthcare careers - stethescopes. You can customize stethoscopes from color, customization, and personalization with fun accessories. They come in a variety of colors and are available in multiple price ranges. There are also personalization options that can add a personal touch for your favorite nurse. A good stethoscope gives a nurse the ability to perform confidently during every shift.

Nurse Bag

It’s important to have a comfortable and appropriate sized bag for a nurse to carry all their nursing supplies,whether it’s to hold textbooks, a laptop, a lunch bag, water bottles, or other nursing essentials they may need. A spacious bag is a thoughtful gift for your favorite nurse, whether it’s a large tote or a stylish backpack, your nurse will surely thank you for this gift.

Lunch Bag

Nurses are constantly on the go, so having their snacks and lunch ready during a busy day is a must! And what better way to carry their lunch than in a lunch bag designed for nurses! An ideal lunch bagis insulated, leakproof and spacious and allows them to easily carry their snacks and meals with them from school to hospital, or wherever they go. For an even more fashionable look, a contemporary lunch bag is a very chic choice!

Water Bottle

Hydration is key for any long hospital shift! Keep your favorite nurse hydrated with fun water bottles with cute designs. You can also add a unique and personal touch to any water bottles with customization. Have a nurse or nursing student who likes their water with a little something extra? They will love this Fruit Infused Water Bottle.

coffee and tea

Coffee or Tea

Who doesn’t love a bit of coffee or tea for a quick pick-me-up? For nurses working night shifts or nursing students with early morning classes, a little bit of a caffeine boost always helps. Send an e-giftcard for Starbucks or your nurses favorite coffee shop. Another thoughtful approach can be a coffee tumbler for those who enjoy their coffee on-the-go.

badge reel for nurses

Badge Reel

Help your nurse add personalization to their scrubs with a badge reel! Many options are retractable, fun, and add flair to any nurse outfit which can make carrying a nurse’s badge to be fashionable! It can easily be placed on the badge loop designed on every Care+Wear scrub.

gift card

Scrubs Gift Card

Help your favorite nurse spice up their wardrobe with a scrubs gift card. All nurses have different tastes and expectations when it comes to choosing their favorite scrubs. Some hospitals, doctor’s offices, or nursing schools require a specific color. Some nurses prefer many pockets to hold their accessories, or scrub tops that can be easily tucked in. Let your nurse choose what they love best with a Care+Wear Scrubs gift card.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a new nurse or a nursing student, any of these thoughtful necessities will make any healthcare professional’s life a bit easier, on and off shift. Brighten their day and help them transition into their new career with ease – they deserve it!

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