Commercial & Wholesale NICU Preemie Onesies

Designed with March of Dimes, our NICU onesies keep babies warm and comfortable, allow clinicians access to treatment sites, and allow parents to celebrate their newborns.

Our NICU bodysuit is designed for babies weighing 3 to 6-pounds in the NICU and at home. It keeps preemie warm, comfortable and clothed while making care easier. Tie and snap openings throughout provide quick access to medical lines and IV tubing without disturbing baby. The NICU bodysuit was created in collaboration with March of Dimes. To learn more, click here

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  • Cross-body diagonal ties for easy clinical access to the chest area while protecting sensitive navel area
  • Adjustable snaps and gentle ties throughout bodysuit for functional access
  • Snap buttons along full sleeves for vital IV access to arms
  • Snap buttons along legs for overall ease of use (i.e., diaper changing, taking on and off while remaining plugged into a medical device)
  • Ability to fully open and close outfit as necessary
  • Fold-over cuffs on hands and feet for warmth and protection
  • Antimicrobial, EPA-approved treated fabric


One Size

Chest Width Full Length

3-6 Lb Preemie



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