Our CEO and founder Chat Razdan moderated our first-ever Care+Wear Future of Healthcare Panel. During this discussion, experts from esteemed hospital systems across the country will share insights, challenges, and learnings from the last year that can be applied to future healthcare innovations.
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When living with a chronic illness, daily tasks like getting dressed or remembering to take your medication can be difficult, especially when running low on energy. Check out this list of 12 items to make life with  chronic illness easier.
  • 5 min read
People living with psoriasis go through cycles where their skin is extremely itchy, dry, and irritated. Here are a few steps for managing psoriasis flare-ups.
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While life may be returning to normal for many, our healthcare workers deserve to be celebrated 24/7 just like during the height of the pandemic. Read more from our CEO on why we’re fighting for a fashion industry that celebrates all those in healthcare.
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We answer the most common questions when it comes to wearing scrubs and give advice on how to wear scrubs fashionably so you look your best.
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"While all my friends were thinking about college, prom, driving, and the SAT, I was going to 10 appointments a week, wondering if I'd ever be able to return to a normal classroom." Read how Claire dealt with grieving her life before chronic illness, and learned to embrace her new life, symptoms and all.
  • 6 min read
Care+Wear announces launch of its first-ever scrubs collection for healthcare professionals, created in collaboration with loungewear designer Josie Natori.
We celebrated #NationalNursesWeek by writing love letters to our nurses. Now, we couldn't be more excited to announce our ultimate love letter to our clinicians: our scrubs collection!
Nike's recent release of the GO FlyEase was far from perfect — what was meant to be a stride for accessibility turned out to be a lesson on the importance of inclusivity within fashion. Read our CEO and founder Chat's thoughts on how this is a pivotal moment in the adaptive fashion revolution.
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When living with a chronic illness, nutrition can be vital for your healing and overall health. Check out these 6 easy and nutritious recipes perfect for those with a chronic illness.  
  • 7 min read
In this blog post, we’ve outlined the history of scrubs, why they’re worn, and which medical professionals currently wear them.
  • 2 min read
Koreen was 30-weeks pregnant when she learned that her inflamed breast turned out to be Stage III Breast Cancer. Read how she navigated her chemo journey, plus tips for going through treatment.
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