Why I Care - Caroline

December 29, 2014

Five years ago I was hospitalized with a severe kidney illness. In order to effectively administer the IV medication that I needed, I underwent a complex procedure to install a PICC line in my bicep that would allow the doctors and nurses to inject my medication at frequent and regular intervals without causing damage to my veins. The PICC line – while effective, efficient and safe – was quite uncomfortable as it was stitched to my arm and even when I was not connected directly to an IV tube, the catheter protruded a few inches outside my arm. I received treatment through the PICC line for two months, and while I am lucky enough to have been relatively healthy for most of my life, I quickly learned that health is an easy thing to take for granted. At that time, even a small amount of comfort and ease was enough to make my entire day.

I have worked in merchandising, product development and design since graduating from college, and Chat approached me to consult on Care + Wear’s band. I was immediately drawn to the company not only because of the noble goal of improving the lives of patients living with PICC lines, but also because I knew that by joining the team I’d be directly contributing to causes that help save lives and support others who suffer – people who also understand how precious health is. To support others who are undergoing long-term treatments, we’re sharing our profits with three leading foundations in patient support, education, prevention and medical research.

We hope that our community can become your community, and we’d love to hear your story.

Buy a Band. Support a Cause.

- Caroline Smith, Co-Founder and Investor, Care+Wear

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