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Intern Spotlight: Ilana

  • 2 min read

About Me

Hi, my name is Ilana!  I am a rising senior at New York University studying global public health and anthropology.  I chose anthropology as a secondary field of study because I believe different views of health are extremely valuable when creating effective health systems.  I also have experience in the field of gender studies.  Working with Care+Wear has allowed me to grow my skills on social media and learn about the hard work that goes into achieving a dream and starting a company.

Why I Care[+Wear]

I was drawn to Care+Wear by the unique nature of the product and small but mighty team structure. Care+Wear is not only creating the category of “healthwear” but manages to be focused on individuals while helping the masses.  Having worked previously in the corporate sphere of health, I understand how companies can lose sight of their clients or patients.  Care+Wear was started with passion and inspiration and I have no doubt will manage to stay focused on the individual even as they continue to grow.

Along with my belief in the company, product, and co-founders, I also have more personal connections to the cause.  While no one in my family has had a PICC line, I do have a family member affected by a genetic disease.  The few times he leaves the house he receives stares, points, and people whispering about him behind his back.  The idea of making medical necessities more fashionable, less noticeable, and helping to normalizing medical apparatuses in and on the body could do wonders for someone like my family member and surely will for many people. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Care+Wear and to help make people feel like themselves even in the face of illness.

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