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A Cancer Fighter's Choice to Seek Happiness.

  • 2 min read

For 66-year-old Ashok, being diagnosed with lung cancer 8 years ago was difficult, but it strengthened his resolve to enjoy life. When asked, “what advice would you give to people diagnosed with cancer?” he replied, “Just be happy.”

"Just be Happy"

Being happy in the face of multiple treatment regimens is challenging, but Ashok embraced living life to the fullest. Ashok has had 7+ surgeries, one of which resulted in the removal of almost his entire left lung. For the past 8 years, Ashok had gone to the hospital 1-2 times per year; sometimes he would spend 2 days and other times a month. We were put in touch with Ashok this past summer, just after one of his hospitalizations. During this time he was given a PICC line to ease his treatment for 6 weeks of antibiotics. To help with his treatment experience, Ashok sported a Yankees PICC Line Cover. Ashok had been a Yankees fan for 30 years and found that this simple acknowledgment of something he loved made him happier during his treatment. For Ashok, happiness was an integral part of his fight against cancer. 

What else made Ashok happy? “My wife’s cooking – but when we feel like going out I love French and Italian. Massages to help with back pain. TV Shows – they’re interesting, but short so it’s nice to have built-in breaks between episodes. Long walks to clear the mind and get exercise. And finally, just recently, we welcomed my first grandson into the world. Every day I FaceTime with him and seeing him smile – that’s true happiness.”

We are forever inspired by Ashok's outlook and honored that our paths crossed.  Cheers to you, Ashok.

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