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Chest Port Access Blouse: Access Your Implanted Port With Comfort and Ease

  • 3 min read


Does accessing your port during treatment days feel difficult? Many patients have shared that they wear cozy clothes to their treatments, but those same clothes do not make it easy to access your chest without them getting in the way. Going through treatment is already a difficult process for chronic illness and cancer warriors, and having incompatible clothing should be the last thing to worry about. 

Our brand new Chest Port Access Blouse collection makes it simple for patients and nurses to have access to any implanted port and perform medical treatment, like chemotherapy and dialysis, with dignity and ease. With our brand new designs of black and white plaid blouse and blue and white striped button down, patients can enjoy fashion without compromising comfort. Continue reading to find out why the chest port blouse collection is the best clothing for medical treatment days.

Why we created the Chest Port Access Blouse:

Patients and clinicians are the center of our brand, and we want to ensure we provide the highest quality, function and experience during every healing experience.“By adding these blouses to our line, we hope to give patients more modern and fashionable options with port access,” states our CEO, Chaitenya Razdan. “They can be comfortable during treatment and then go on about their day without having to change, ultimately giving them one less thing to stress about which is our goal.”

We have worked together with real patients and clinicians to design the Chest Port Access blouse to create the most effective healthwear top – both functional and fashionable – for everyday use, treatment and beyond. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and express their sense of style and individuality every day, and that should not be invalidated because of medical obligations. 

Product Features:

The Chest Port Access Blouse collection introduces two brand new design ways that are classy, bold, and fun – black and white plaid and blue and white striped button down. Discreet zippers on both sides of the chest area provide easy access to the chest area without needing to undress. The blouse is designed with back pleats that add extra fabric to the upper back of the shirt for movement and increased range of motion. This is perfect for breathability and underlayers, as infusion days in the hospital can become cold. The chest port access blouse is made of 100% cotton and EPA approved antimicrobial fabric for ultimate durability.

In addition to the timeless styles of black and white plaid and blue and white striped, both chest port access blouses are long sleeved with buttoned cuffs, allowing the sleeves to rest effortlessly on your wrists, and a rounded shirt-tail shape in the back with side slits.

If you are looking for a more casual look, the black and white plaid blouse has a flattering crew neckline with a relaxed fit. For a more classic look, check out our blue and white striped button down which is designed with a beautiful V neckline that is slightly fitted in the waist. No matter what your fashion approach is, the Chest Port Access blouses will always accommodate. 

How To Access Your Port With Chest Port Blouse:

Using your blouse is simple and quick. When you are ready to access your chest port, locate the zippers on both the left and right side depending on where your port is placed. For more freedom for movement, you can simply unzip both zippers and have full access to your chest area. 

how to use chest port access blouse


Our goal is to better the patient experience and restore dignity during difficult moments.The blouses are an extension of our Chest Access Collection which also includes a fitted and flattering three-quarter length shirt and a stylish hoodie in collaboration with iconic designer Oscar de la Renta. Stay comfortable without compromising fashion with healthwear that adapts with you no matter where your day takes you. Check out our entire healthwear collection!

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