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Well-Being & Mindful Practices in Healthcare | Care+Wear

  • 2 min read

In the challenging realm of healthcare, where compassion and resilience are vital, Mackenzie's guiding light is empathy. This profound quality has not only shaped her into a better healthcare professional but has also transformed her approach to patient care.

Continue reading to explore Mackenzie's commitment to well-being goals and the mindful practices that help her navigate the demanding world of the emergency room (ER).

Nurturing Wisdom Through Empathy

For me, empathy is the cornerstone of providing exceptional patient care. It empowers me to step into the shoes of my patients, their family members, and friends, fostering an environment of understanding and support. Treating every individual equally, regardless of their situation or background, is particularly crucial in the fast-paced ER. Empathy guides me to ensure that my patients receive the care I would want for myself and my loved ones.

Well-Being Goals

Embarking on an ER residency as a newly graduated nurse in 2023 brought with it a myriad of stressors and anxieties. Recognizing the importance of self-care, one of my well-being goals for the past year has been prioritizing sleep.

The physical and mental demands of the job require peak performance, and adequate sleep has proven to be a game-changer. Improved memory, faster cognitive function, proper nourishment, a robust immune system, reduced anxiety, energy for workouts, and an overall improved mood are the dividends of prioritizing sleep. This commitment not only benefits my personal well-being but also ensures I can provide the best care to my patients without succumbing to burnout or compassion fatigue.

Mindful Practices

Working long, strenuous shifts in the ER, especially during night shifts, necessitates intentional self-care and mindful practices. Incorporating self-care routines into my daily life, particularly before each shift, has become a non-negotiable aspect of my routine.Staying active, manifesting goals through writing, adhering to a skincare routine, finding comfort in functional scrubs, and, above all, prioritizing sleep are my pillars of well-being.

As a firm believer that healthcare professionals can only care for their patients optimally when they prioritize their mental and physical health, I advocate for incorporating self-care consistently. Finding activities that bring joy, whether it's skincare, reading, journaling, taking short walks, or engaging in fitness routines, can be transformative. Starting small by dedicating a moment each day to self-care not only prevents burnout but also makes the incorporation of these practices an enjoyable part of a clinician's routine.


In the fast-paced and demanding world of healthcare, Mackenzie believes that nurturing wisdom through empathy, prioritizing well-being goals, and embracing mindful practices are essential for both personal and professional growth. As a healthcare professional, her ability to provide excellent care is intricately linked to her commitment to self-care and empathy, ensuring a harmonious balance between her responsibilities and her well-being.

To learn more about Mackenzie's journey as a healthcare professional, follow her on Instagram. 


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