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Healthcare Chat: The Future of Healthcare

  • 3 min read

Dear Care+Wear community,

When I started Care+Wear, I knew I wanted to work with experts to improve the healthcare experience for everyone involved – and that ethos of getting the right people in the same room together to creatively collaborate alongside one another has been the foundation of our design process ever since. Over the years, we have built an incredible network of doctors, nurses, clinicians, hospital administrators, patients, and more – all of whom ensure each and every product we design is medically superior, functional, comfortable, and fashionable. 

As the country continues its efforts to reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to bring together some of those brilliant minds to share their insights and learnings, inspiring others to think about healthcare differently. I am thrilled to share that we did just that with Care+Wear's first-ever panel: The Future of Healthcare

Together with Paul Coyne, Vice President of Clinical Practice and Chief Nursing Informatics Officer for the Hospital for Special Surgery; Esther Kwon, COO for St. David’s Medical Center; and Dr. Greg Weingart, Emergency Physician for Tidewater, we discussed the experiences of clinicians and hospital administrators during the pandemic, improvements to the patient experience, and the silver lining of the past year: a renewed sense of health and wellness. Dr. Weingart explained, “I feel that society is refocusing on their health, realizing that things have been fragile over the last 18 months or so. I have seen more people take an interest in their health, seeing physicians, getting back in shape, and such. Before that point, people had a bit more Laissez-faire attitude.”

Hospitals are also looking to technology to improve the healthcare experience. Ms. Kwon noted, “there is an increased opportunity for technology collaborations with healthcare systems. Not knowing what COVID is going to do, optimizing the patient experience as remotely as possible with high-touch and high-service will be essential.” Mr. Coyne also added that “the future of care is eliminating barriers so frontline clinicians can care again. Anything that allows the caregivers to care more - things like automated charting, audio analysis, and more - is technology that should be top of mind, and that’s what really drives the patient experience.”

When asked about one thing they would design to improve life for clinicians or administrators, Dr. Weingart noted a softer but equally effective N-95 mask. Ms. Kwon asked for the return of the fanny pack so clinicians can keep essential items on their body (our new scrubs collection could be another comfortable and stylish option). Mr. Coyne asked for an all-encompassing health app that tracks physical activity, diet, heart rate, sleep, and more.

I know that by working with and bringing together experts and visionaries, we can reimagine a more human healthcare experience for all those touched by it.


The full webinar is available to view here: 


You can read more about our three esteemed guests below: 

  • Paul Coyne, DNP, MBA, MS, APRN, AGPCNP-BC, who serves as Vice President, Clinical Practice & Chief Nursing Informatics Officer for the Hospital for Special Surgery with administrative oversight of advanced practice nursing, clinical informatics, occupational health, and other operational areas. Coyne is licensed as a nurse practitioner in the State of New York and holds a B.A. in American Studies from Providence College, a B.S. in Nursing from Columbia University, a Master of Science, Finance from Northeastern University, a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management from Northeastern University, and both a Master of Science in Nursing and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Columbia University.
  • Esther Kwon, who currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for St. David’s Medical Center. Previously, Kwon held the positions as Assistant Administrator and Associate Chief Operating Officer at St. David’s Medical Center. During Kwon’s tenure, she has overseen 400+ employees and an operating budget of over $65 million, facilitated the planning and execution of major construction and expansion projects and led the addition of new service lines and physician partnerships to support the needs of the facility and community. Kwon earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Policy and Administration from The Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Pennsylvania, with a minor in economics, and she received her master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Greg Weingart, MD FACEP, who is an Emergency Physician with Emergency Physicians of Tidewater in Norfolk, VA. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School. He is the Assistant Medical Director at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital which is the regional tertiary care center for coastal Virginia. Dr. Weingart is an Advisor for Care+Wear. He graduated with a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Virginia in 2005, and holds an MD from the Eastern Virginia Medical School. 


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