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How To Find The Perfect Pair of Jogger Scrubs

  • 2 min read


If you are a healthcare professional, you definitely know the popularity of jogger scrubs.  Joggers originally started as athleisure wear, mainly used for exercising; however, that has certainly evolved over the years. Joggers have shifted into the medical space attire and quickly have become a staple piece for many clinicians. Continue reading to find out how to find the perfect pair of jogger scrubs that will support you on-shift and off.

jogger scrubs


When you are sprinting through shifts or going for a jog, you want to feel free and at ease with the clothes you are in.  Wearing jogger scrubs that are light-weight can make a huge difference in how you feel and perform throughout your day. As you are shopping for your next pair, look for jogger scrubs made of soft fabric with a seamless elastic waist band for maximum support and movement throughout your day.


The perfect pair of joggers should not limit you to only your workplace, especially if you are working in the medical field, which usually entails unpredictable days and being on the go. Whether you are relaxing, training, or working, it’s essential that your jogger scrubs can adapt with you. The best jogger scrubs can be worn to different occasions without losing support or style.  Not only that, but they are movable, breathable, and sleek, with a variety of color options for both women and men


For nurses and doctors, twelve-hour shifts mean a lot of movement. It is extremely beneficial to opt for quality fabric when choosing jogger scrubs. You want to be cool and dry when you're running through your shift. Find jogger scrubs that are made with flexible, moisture-wicking fabric, keeping you comfortable and sweat-free around the clock.


clinicians with scrub joggers

Who doesn’t love pockets? Carrying many things all at once is nothing new for medical professionals and students. Investing in jogger scrubs with multiple pockets is a game-changer. It allows you to have your important items right at your fingertips. Great joggers must also have a badge loop for quick and easy placement of medical badge cards and a seamless elastic waist band to provide support through every shift.


We have all heard the phrase “you are what you wear”. Studies even show that “...your outfit may alter how you approach and interact with the world”. What you choose to wear can give a confidence boost and positively impact how you look and feel throughout your shift. When looking for a pair of jogger scrubs, look for a pair that is not only functional, but fashionable as well. Care+Wear x N Natori joggers are luxurious and flattering, allowing you to look trendy and feel your best – you deserve it.



Jogger scrubs are so much more than just a part of your on-shift outfit, they define how you feel and perform everyday. The best pair of jogger scrubs support you no matter where your day takes you, and keep you stylish at the same time. Whether you are wearing them during your shift or to a meet-up with friends after, having a good pair of joggers means that you are prepared for many occasions.

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