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Introducing Care+Wear x N Natori Scrubs: The Ultimate Love Letter To Our Clinicians

Dear Care+Wear community,

Last month, during National Nurses Week, the Care+Wear community came together to pen a series of “Love Letters to Our Nurses” – writing stories, drawing pictures, and sending messages of gratitude and appreciation to the healthcare workers who have always been by our side. Since COVID-19 hit, they have continued to give their time, their energy, and in too many instances, their lives to serve on the frontlines of this pandemic. 

But when it comes to the people who care for us, who treat us, who heal us, and who stand beside us when we’re sick, scared, or worried about a loved one, that gratitude is endless – it can’t be captured by an honorary week, year, or other bound of time. So, we at Care+Wear asked ourselves, how do we say thank you all day and every day to those who help us through the toughest of times?

I’m proud to announce our ultimate “Love Letter to Our Clinicians”: the Care+Wear x N Natori Scrubs Collection. Our scrubs are a celebration of all of the healthcare heroes – the doctors, surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, dentists, PTs, and many more – who have touched my life, the lives of the Care+Wear community, and the lives of people being cared for all over the world. These scrubs are about joy, self-expression, confidence, and dignity. They’re about no detail being too small and no decision being too intentional when it comes to celebrating those who care for us day-in and day-out without need for thanks or recognition.

For me, this gratitude is personal. Growing up, my mother, an anesthesiologist, came home every day from working at the hospital to share with me stories of healing, recovery, and hope. She showed me what it meant to care for someone else – to dedicate yourself toward improving the experience of another. I saw this firsthand as a young boy when I myself wound up in the hospital on three separate occasions to get tubes in my ears. What I remember most isn’t how scared I was (and I was pretty terrified); it was the nurses and doctors who were with me before, during, and after the procedure – always with a supportive smile and somehow the only ones who could calm my nerves.

That’s exactly why I founded Care+Wear seven years ago – to restore humanity and kindness in healthcare, to celebrate the providers, to empower the patients, and to find better ways to care for one another in and out of the hospital, at home, on-the-go, and wherever else care is provided. 

It has been an honor to work with legendary designer of all things luxury and livable, Josie Natori, to create this line of scrubs in celebration of our healthcare heroes. It has also been the privilege of a lifetime to have collaborated with a team of nearly 100 clinicians to ensure that our scrubs are built around the people who live in them, that they are designed to move with and celebrate all those who provide care.

With eternal gratitude,
Chat Razdan 
CEO & Founder of Care+Wear

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Clinicians wearing Care+Wear x N Natori Scrubs

2 Responses

Jereline Williams

Jereline Williams

April 19, 2022

Would like to know more about your colors. I see your tees for women are limited.

natarajan ravendhran

natarajan ravendhran

June 14, 2021

What an excellent line of products for the healthcare providers.

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