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Redefining Healthcare Through Chiropractic Care

  • 5 min read


Meet Dr. Tyler Savory, the visionary behind Active Health Chiropractic, nestled in the vibrant heart of New York City. Dr. Savory's journey into chiropractic care took root during his sophomore year of college, when he sustained a neck injury. After taking his parents advice and visiting a chiropractor, Dr. Savory witnessed the transformative power of chiropractic healing firsthand. He was back to resuming normal life in no time. This pivotal moment ignited a fire within him, leading to a courageous career transition the very next year.

Dr. Savory's journey is a testament to the profound impact chiropractic care can have, and we're honored to share his inspiring story with you. Continue reading to learn more. 

Can you share a patient story that has impacted you?

In the early stages of my career, I had the privilege of working with a young man who faced a daunting challenge: a severe lower back disc herniation. He was lost, uncertain about where to turn and what lay ahead in his future. Yet, in a mere 2 to 3 weeks, he was back on his feet, running, and playing sports as if the setback had never occurred.

The incredible transformation from uncertainty to resilience is what fuels my passion for helping people. It's about guiding them away from the edge of the unknown and instilling hope. Every such success story is inspiration, reminding me of the profound impact we can make in people's lives. 

How do you approach treating patients and improving the chiropractic experience? 

When someone faces a painful situation, their mind can easily plunge into the depths of fear and uncertainty. It's in these moments that empathy and connection become essential. Conducting an interview with a client, delving into their fears, understanding their emotional state, and gauging their current mental and physical condition becomes a vital compass for their journey to chiropractic healing.

Recognizing where a patient stands not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally is the cornerstone of providing holistic care. It's a powerful reminder that our impact goes beyond the physical realm. To truly benefit from care, one must also nurture the spirit and the mind, unlocking the full potential of healing.

What are the challenges you faced in your career and how did you overcome them?

One of the most profound challenges I've encountered in my career journey was the daring leap into establishing my own practice right here in the heart of New York City. Much like the birth of any new enterprise, it came with its unique trials. The struggle to carve a space for oneself, to beckon new clients, and to unveil your expertise to the world can be an uphill battle. Through it all, I discovered that the courage to venture off the beaten path is the first step in paving your own. The commitment to excellence, the unwavering belief in your mission, and the heart to serve others are the foundational stones upon which success is built.

The challenge isn't the obstacle; it's the opportunity. It's a chance to redefine the landscape and bring a unique vision to life. It's an invitation to touch lives, inspire change, and make a meaningful difference.

What core values and principles guide your practice?

At the heart of my chiropractic practice lie three steadfast pillars: compassion, accountability, and education. Each one forms the cornerstone of the care I offer to every individual who walks through my door.

Accountability is the heartbeat of our practice. We show up, not as mere healers, but as partners in wellness. We empower our clients to take an active role in their journey, sharing the responsibility for their own well-being. I believe that true healing is collaborative, where both the guide and the traveler move in harmony.

Education is paramount. We believe in illuminating the path with knowledge. To empower our clients with an understanding of their health is to gift them with the compass to navigate their unique journey. It is our duty to educate, to inform, and to guide.

Healthcare decisions, we firmly believe, are a two-way street. We offer recommendations, but we hold dear the belief that the ultimate choice rests with the patient. It is their life, their health, and their well-being. Our role is to offer guidance, and in this collaboration, we find the true essence of care.

What advice would you give to aspiring chiropractors?

For those who aspire to walk the path of chiropractic care, I offer a few pieces of advice carved from the wisdom of my journey. The first is to embrace every opportunity to lay your hands on as many spines as you can, as early as you can, and as often as you can. It is through this touch, this connection, that your manual skills will take root. After all, it is these hands that people seek when they turn to a chiropractor.

Another piece of guidance is to be an eager seeker of knowledge. Attend as many seminars as the universe allows. Whether they are chiropractic-focused or delve into any technique under the sun, grasp the chance to explore, learn, and connect with others. In these gatherings, you may find a spark, a technique, or a community that ignites your passion within this profession.

When wearing scrubs, what key features for you look for?

When it comes to the scrubs I wear, I search for a few essential features that make a world of difference. As a chiropractor, my days are filled with continuous movement, adjusting clients, guiding them in their journey to wellness, and helping them rediscover the freedom of mobility. To do this effectively, I need scrubs that become an extension of my body, not a hindrance.

For me, Care+Wear scrubs encapsulate all these elements. They are a testament to thoughtful design, offering a breathable, feather-light fabric that moves harmoniously with every adjustment and teaching moment. These scrubs are not just clothing; they are a partner in my practice, empowering me to deliver the highest level of care.

What do you envision for the future of chiropractic care?

My vision for the future is one of perpetual growth and evolution in our roles as primary spine care practitioners. We hold within us the knowledge and skills necessary to usher in an era of unparalleled efficiency, effectiveness, and value for patients grappling with spine-related disorders.


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