The Reality of Life with Lyme Disease

February 22, 2017

Cathy Rosa is an art therapist and yoga instructor from Hunterdon County, NJ, living with Chronic Late Stage Lyme and multiple Co- infections. (Erlichia, Babesia, Bartonella). She's the Mom of a beautiful 3 year old daughter who she says keeps her going every day. When asked about her experience with Lyme disease, Cathy says, "I'm grateful to this disease for teaching me self-love, faith, how to ask for help, compassion for myself, and patience (although I'd never wish it on anyone :)  One day at a time is all anyone can do." Learn more about Cathy's Lyme journey below:

Living through a chronic illness has led me many times to live by the motto "fake it till I make it." A chronic illness warrior has to make a decision to press on, despite physical, emotional, and mental pain. We have to push ourselves to shower and eat and to resist the urge of falling into despair. Creating a sense of normalcy is paramount! Care+Wear covers absolutely help me in that process. People don't stare at me or look freaked out because they know there's something seriously wrong with my health, like they did when I wore the white cotton disposable infusion center cover.  Care+Wear covers fit snugly, like a comfy t-shirt. It is very easy to access my PICC line, my cover keeps the long cord contained and tucked away, and it's actually really cute! I have 3 different colors so I can coordinate. I don't have to identify as a sick patient, even though I'm battling a very serious illness. I'm a survivor and a fighter and any steps I can take to constantly remind myself of that is so necessary! Also, the experience of buying these covers was great. I received the covers quickly, outstanding customer service, as all questions and concerns were promptly handled. I can't speak more highly of this company and their products. Thank you so much Care+Wear!

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