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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Patients

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The season for giving is here! If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for a loved one battling cancer or another chronic illness, look no further. Here are 6 thoughtfully curated gift ideas that will help every treatment journey by providing comfort and ease to those who need it the most. 

PICC Line Support 

PICC Line Cover 

Is your loved one receiving ongoing medical treatment through a PICC line? Help keep your loved ones insertion site safe and secure with Care+Wear’s Ultra Grip PICC Line Cover. The PICC line cover is designed with a mesh window for breathability and easy visual access, and a non-slip silicone band for worry free wear. Mayo Clinic has stated that Care+Wear PICC Line Covers prevent dislodgment up to 78%. 




PICC Line Shower Cover

Keeping a PICC line site clean and dry is essential for preventing infection and/or irritation.  Help make day-to-day tasks like showering easier by giving the gift of Care+Wear’s PICC Line Shower Cover this holiday season. Made with soft and elastic silicone, the shower cover can be easily stretched over the PICC line while also gripping tight on both openings to prevent water from going through.




Arm Access Shirt

Add a bit of style to their wardrobe without compromising function with The Arm Access Top. Designed in partnership with Natori, this luxurious v-neck style, relaxed fit top is made with soft, antimicrobial fabric with discrete arm zippers and satin thumb loops to support ease of zipper opening and access to the PICC line site.


arm access bundle


PICC lines require a lot of care and attention. Not sure which gift to choose for those with PICC lines? Our PICC Line Support Bundle is put together to restore dignity and provide a bit of ease. With the bundle, your loved one will be prepared for any occasion from hospital to home, and anywhere in between.



Chest Port Access Support 

Blouse + Button Down

Being able to dress fashionably can definitely add to holiday festivities. If your loved one currently has a chest port, or port-a-cath for infusions or medical treatments, make their holiday special with Care+Wear's Chest Port Access Blouse or Button Down. They can look their best without sacrificing easy access to their chest port. Designed with discreet zippers on both sides and timeless prints of plaid and stripes, our tops are meant for fashion and function and this season it’s no different. 


Chest Port Access Hoodie 

Give the gift of warmth and comfort with Care+Wear’s Chest Port Access Hoodie by Oscar De La Renta. The soft-touch performance jersey is made for everyday wear. Dual zippers on both sides and thumbholes give clinical access to the chest port while providing warmth for hands and keeping the sleeves in place. 


Chest Port Access Shirt 

With an array of 9+ colors, the Chest Port Access Shirt is simple yet extremely fashionable. It’s the ideal gift for those who love a pop of color no matter the occasion. The flattering top is made with soft, premium cotton blend fabric for ultimate comfort and also includes discrete left and right zippers for simple access to the chest area. 


port access bundle


To give the complete package to your loved one, check out our Chest Port Access Bundle which includes the blouse or button down, hoodie, and top – fashion and function for every season. 


Other Essentials 

Hospital Gown 

If your loved one usually has frequent hospital visits or long hospital stays, they are aware of the discomfort of traditional exposed hospital gowns. Give the gift of dignity to your loved one with Care+Wear’s hospital gown. Our re-imagined hospital gown assures patients' comfort and dignity without compromising functionality. It offers full coverage front to back and is fully reversible – an all-in-one solution for patients, caregivers, and medical teams. 


Can’t decide on what to get? Send your loved one a Care+Wear’s e-gift card. so they can pick their perfect gift! Holidays are a special time of year, and it may be hard for many who are battling a chronic illness. Help their healing journeys be a bit easier with a gift that can be used throughout the year and even after treatment. Happy Holidays!

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