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July 25, 2016

Thank you Caroline for reaching out and sharing some of your story! With Caroline's permission, we wanted to share her story with the rest of our community because we know so many can relate. Thanks for inspiring us everyday!

My name is Caroline and I am a rising senior at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. Today, a friend of mine forwarded me an article in the NY Times titled "Fashion's Newest Frontier: The Disabled and Displaced", which details the story of how your company was started and your line of covers/sleeves for PICC lines. I just wanted to let you all know how amazing I think you both are for coming up with this idea and creating this product, and how much this personally means to me that fashion is growing to accommodate all different kinds of people. My sophomore year of college, while a member of the women's lacrosse team, I had a surgery on my right tibia that became infected. The infection became so bad that for about two months, I had to wear a PICC line at school after 2 weeks in and out of the hospital, and inject my own antibiotics using the PICC line. Funny enough, I got the PICC line around the time of Halloween, so I either used a sock to hold all of the loose tubing, or I also bought a couple of fake tattoo sleeves at the Halloween store. While the tattoo sleeves were humorous, they did not "normalize" the fact that there were tubes coming out of my arm, especially because people would always ask me why I was wearing it, but I believe your design has done just that and allowed people to live their lives and feel comfortable even during a difficult time. I commend you all for your passion and dedication to a project that will go on to help so many individuals live their lives as normally as possible-- I know wearing one of these products would have made my day!

Let me know if there is anything that I can ever do to help spread the word about your product or anything else I can help you with, because I really do believe that this is something that is so important and will mean so much to individuals similar to myself, and even more so to individuals who have to live with PICC lines and catheters for much longer than 2 months.


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