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Donations to the Runway of Dreams Foundation

Runway of Dreams Partnership

Care+Wear is walking the ‘Runway of Dreams’! Through our partnership with Zappos Adaptive, we are donating our comfortable, stylish, and accessible port access tops and hoodies to be shown at ‘Runway of Dreams’ College Club adaptive fashion shows across the country.

We are proud to support Runway of Dreams – a non-profit organization that was created by Mindy Scheier, Founder and CEO, to ensure people with disabilities have access to fashionable, mainstream apparel that meet both their physical needs and personal style – just like we at Care+Wear are doing for those receiving treatments like chemotherapy, recovering from surgeries, or undergoing chronic care. 

Our Care+Wear adaptive clothing line bridges fashion and function so that those undergoing chronic care can look and feel their best. We are thrilled to be on college campus runways at schools like Indiana State University, Kent State, and more. As the mother of a child with a disability, Mindy founded Runway of Dreams with a goal of making adaptive clothing more mainstream, and now, we’re joining her on the runway to do just that. If you want to learn more about Runway of Dreams, check out our Q&A with Mindy here.

Runway of Dreams Fashion Show