Design and Innovation


When we started designing our first product, our Antimicrobial Ultra-Soft PICC Line Cover, we knew that we needed the input of all the parties who would use our product, not just patients and not just clinicians. We used a comprehensive design thinking approach to develop our Antimicrobial Ultra-Soft PICC Line Cover in conjunction with patients, clinicians and designers to create the highest quality product possible.

Patients: Patient feedback helps drive what products we create and the features we incorporate into our products. We use their invaluable first-hand knowledge to make sure that our products are practical and directly address the needs of the modern patient.


Clinicians: We collaborate with clinicians and nurses to assure that our products are in line with the medical needs of both patients and clinicians so that patients can have a more seamless treatment experience.


Designers: We work with fashion industry experts to ensure that our products are functional as well as fashionable so that everyone wearing Care+Wear items feels confident and comfortable.


By incorporating fashion into medical wear, we strive to improve patient comfort and satisfaction, while streamlining the treatment process for clinicians.