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Supporting Emergency Nurses During #ENWeek

We want to support you!

Thank you!

"Thank you" are two words that are not heard enough in the Emergency Department. Care+Wear would like to honor Emergency Nursing Week by offering 30% off your entire purchase from our scrub line with the code THANKYOU30. Please share our genuine gratitude for your career widely with your colleagues.

Emergency nurses are a rare breed who shoulder the responsibility of caring for patients on their worst day. This responsibility, coupled with the unprecedented challenges from the COVID 19 pandemic, has created a taxing daily strain in our healthcare system. Yet with this incredible strain, emergency nurses have not backed down, caring for all patients from their first day of life to their last breath. You have not backed down even while faced with PPE shortages, the threat of workplace violence, and the danger of getting ill or transmitting COVID to your friends and family. This danger has never been more apparent than during the pandemic as we have witnessed the significant stress on society. And with this stress, emergency nurses heroically show up to work each day to care for everyone on their worst day.

About the Care+Wear x N Natori Scrubs

These innovative scrubs were designed with input from nearly 100 clinicians, medical professionals, and commercial launderers to create a premium line of scrubs at an everyday price. Created through the lens of fashion designer, Josie Natori, with over 40 years of experience designing ready-to-wear and loungewear, these scrubs are built for comfort and movement and prove that fashion and function can thrive in unison.


Some of the innovative elements that bridge fashion and function in the Care+Wear x N Natori scrubs include:

  • Plentiful, zippered, and double-layered pockets that accommodate clinical
    tablets, like iPads;
  • Reinforced necklines to prevent the shirt from gaping at the chest;
  • Badge loops;
  • Tops designed to be tucked-in and stay in place;
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics.


The Care+Wear Team