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"The team at Care+Wear was super helpful! They made sure that I received my arm cover in time for my prom, and even sent two sizes to make sure that it would fit. It covered my line perfectly, and even matched my dates tux! Thank you so much!"
"It's perfect. I can't even express how much more comfortable it is now. There's room for the extension and big bulky alcohol cap, and it doesn't budge."
"We're really thrilled with the cover and grateful for your care!"
"The product was very comfortable and I would highly recommend it!"
"I had no idea how difficult it would be to find one that did not either slide off (too loose) or cut off my circulation (too tight). Care+Wear's cover was perfect! I like the knit fabric. Great texture and quality. Thanks!"
"Many picc line users are given the "fishnet" sleeve when they first have their picc line placed, but are dismayed to find out that it quickly stretches out and disintegrates in the washer. Many move on to using tube socks or other items that they cut apart to try and keep the picc line covered and clean. The Care+Wear picc line sleeve is a fashionable and durable alternative to keep a picc line clean and safe."
She had her dressing changed yesterday and the nurse loved it.....I love the cotton lycra blend, love the screen and breathability. We are still loving it. All the providers we have shown it to seem interested in it as well.
I loved the mesh window, which makes it easy to see my PICC site and ensure it was doing well. I also love that the cover kept everything nice and covered (which helped to prevent snags and also made me feel more normal in public.) I also love that it was machine washable.
I do really like the mesh panel. For my irritated skin it's nice to have some airflow unlike wearing cardigans like I've been doing to keep everything in place.
I looked at many options before I purchased yours. Yours was the best quality and...I look forward to receiving my PICC line cover, as it is getting hot here in CA and I want to wear short sleeve shirts.
I really like the air vent around the PICC area for easy viewing but also for air.
"I love your product! So unique, comfy, perfect"
"You have been the best. Thank you so much for such exceptional client service."
"I loved using the cover for my race! It held up great and it looks SO much better than the little mesh sleeve the hospital gave me!"
"I will have my PICC line for at least another month and your cover has helped me quite a bit. I believe the normal bandage and tubes of a PICC can make people feel a bit uncomfortable in social has been nice being able to cover it when needed."
"Now when I go to holiday parties and get togethers I won't have to worry about looking like I just got discharged from the ER!"
"Also, buy a @careandwear sleeve. It was one of my best decisions! They are breathable so they are good for running and easy to wash."
Leslie Z
"I love the pink sleeve! I love the mesh for my tubings and insertion site...I've never seen a company have that before! I feel so strong but still girly with this sleeve!"
"It is so much more fashionable than that dorky looking tube sock that the clinic provides"
"I got this for my husband and he's do pleased with it, it's so tidy and comfortable."
"I have the fuchsia and slate covers already and I love them! Makes me a little less self conscious about the picc. Can't wait for the new colors :)."
"The PICC line cover I got from Care+Wear made having a PICC line so much better. The cover is so comfortable, and mesh part allows your arm to breathe. Also, the customer service from the team at Care+Wear was absolutely amazing. They truly go above and beyond to delight customers. Thank you Care+Wear!."
"This product was great! I ended up also purchasing the "long" version directly through the vendors website. My father uses this PICC line cover while admitted in the hospital - the nurses are all very impressed with it!."
"Much more comfortable to wear than the gauze sleeve. Will not irritate your skin. Has a breathable window, which makes a difference in this humid weather. Doesn't stand out to others/strangers, like the gauze does. Almost blends right in with your shirt. Even though I picked the green, people don't realize it's there. Green=Lyme disease awareness!"
"These are the best covers I have found after 15 months on a PICC! My doctor has a number of patients with PICCs & chest ports. I told them about how great the covers were so they can recommend them to their patients!"
"The fabric is so smooth, comfy, and moves well with my arm. And, the antimicrobial benefits are a definite plus. Two staph infections are enough!"
"I love your bands. I unfortunately have Lyme disease and having your bands makes it so much easier for hide my tubing from my little kids (I'm petrified that my 2 year old will grab my IV stuff)"
"I'm very pleased with it, its so soft and comfortable to wear. Many thanks for your help and excellent service"
"I really like the product, it's very comfortable"
Loving Caretaker
"Your product has helped him reduce the bothersome part of his days thus making more moments without thought to his arm"
"Thank you so much. You have the best products and are running your business the way I wish more people would"
"Every home health care company needs to know about this. Honestly it must be cheaper than all the netting that I get weekly from the home health care company. And, it is definitely more comfortable than the sock route. In addition, physicians need to be made aware."
“Care+Wear has created a wonderful product. I gave this as a gift to a friend who has just started chemo treatments and she loves it. She said that it's very cozy, especially in the chilly hospital. I have to give Care+Wear a shout out for being flexible. I ordered the zipper on the wrong side and they switched it for me without making me cancel the order and re-order. Such a small thing, but it was very helpful.”