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Why Accessibility Matters in Collaboration with Slick Chicks

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The gap in accessible clothing has been prominent within the fashion industry. Consumers struggle to find products that are inclusive, making it difficult to feel comfortable accomplishing daily tasks and express themselves through their own personal style. Helya Mohammadian founded Slick Chicks after she watched her sister struggle to do daily tasks like changing her underwear after her C-section. The same way that Care+Wear has been filling the gap within the healthwear industry, Slick Chicks has been through undergarments.

We believe it is important for people to be themselves. With every circumstance in life, we need to find a silver lining and adjust our lives to fit our needs. Click here to learn more about Slick Chicks and shop their undergarments.

Why Accessibility Matters

These videos talk about the importance of accessibility in fashion. Our community members talk about how their conditions affect their daily lives and how they have had access to fashion through Care+Wear and Slick Chicks. Watch the videos below to hear what our community members have to say!