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A Lot to be Thankful For

  • 3 min read

We wanted to write a quick blog post to say thank you to our entire community. You have helped us build an amazing brand and we wouldn't be here without your help and support. So today, we say thanks to all of you and want to share a little more on why we started the company and what makes our initial products so special. 

Almost 2.5 years ago, we set out to find a solution for loved ones. They had been told to wear tube socks over their PICC lines and just were not comfortable while wearing the tube socks. The socks were a constant reminder of what they had to go through and we felt helpless as we saw them struggle with their PICC lines. As we consulted with clinicians, designers and patients, we found an incredible opportunity to do something.

We realized that there was nothing on the market that actually served the needs of PICC line patients. In speaking with the nurses and doctors, we realized that breathability was a key factor for the PICC line. In fact, the dressing that you place over the PICC requires air for it to function!  That immediately explained why you couldn't wear the elbow sleeve that NBA players such as Lebron James wear! As we started to prototype designs and breathable options, nurses and doctors asked for a way to see the insertion site - it's important to monitor for infection / leakage and so they wanted to be able to view it at all times. We thought by creating a mesh window (patent-pending), we'd be able to solve for both the breathability and visibility issues.

We also found it odd that people were selling products without an EPA approved antimicrobial treatment. In a situation where dislodgement and infection rates are quite high (12-25% of the time!!), why would people want to put themselves in added risk? Why not be able to wear something that avoids this additional risk completely? Seemed like a no-brainer to us and so was something we absolutely wanted to do. While others may claim antimicrobial, they have never been able to share test results, talk about how long the treatments last or any details on their "antimicrobial" treatments. We not only have this handy, we like to share it with nurses and doctors and continually have them come back saying "wow, this is fantastic!" 

And of course - washing and drying. Why would anyone in the 21st century ever try and create products that must be hand washed and dried? It was imperative for us to make products that are machine washable and dryable and it's something that we have absolutely focused on. The last thing you want to do is have to hand wash your PICC line cover and then wait for it to dry! 

Finally, design has always been a huge component of what we do. We partner with leading designers and patients to make sure our products are products that you actually want to wear! For too long, companies have solely focused on function or finding an easy solution. People have taken the easy path instead of finding something comfortable and enjoyable to wear. We spend the extra time focused on finding the perfect solution that is both functional and fashionable to allow you to get back to being yourself and living your life. 

This is just the start of the innovative healthwear movement. We've started with our antimicrobial PICC line covers and antimicrobial port access shirts. Leading hospitals, designers, and patients have already begun to take notice. But this is just the beginning. We're furiously working on new products to help even more people. We're going after any and all solutions - our ultimate plan is to be able to help you with whatever treatment or injury you have. And we'll never forget our initial products either. We're continuing to refine our current products as well. No product is ever finished - and your feedback and comments can only help make them better. 

So thank you for joining us in designing innovative healthwear and building products that enable patients to be people again. We can all make a difference and we can always do more. Like our community, we will never give up and never stop trying to make a difference - no matter how big or small. 

We wish you a happy thanksgiving and happy holiday season. 

Susan + Chat

Co-Founders, Care+Wear

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