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Customer Interview: A day with AB

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Recently, we had the chance to sit down and chat with one of our amazing customers. She's been fighting lymphedema and we were so inspired by her story. Please see below for some tidbits from our catch up with her! 

How has living with a PICC line been?

It has been good and bad, easy and difficult. It's a day to day thing with me. Sometimes, I hardly know it's there but at times I can't focus on anything but the discomfort I feel because of it. 

What did the PICC line still allow you to do?

Not much really.... it has a lot of limitations. I can't lift anything over 20lbs., lift my arm over my head, take baths or go swimming. There is a lot I can't do.

What did you wish you had known before getting your PICC line?

I wish they would have asked me if I had sensitive skin and or anxiety. Knowing that it dumps out right over my heart, kept me up at night when I first had it put it. It is also causing all kinds of lesions around the insertion site due to the skin being covered by sticky bandages. 

What do your friends and family think about the PICC line? Did they ask you about it?

Yeah, I usually let them know as soon as they notice the tube hanging out of my arm before they even have to ask. I'm sure it looks out of place and scary. I made sure to let my small boys know before I even had it put in so they wouldn't be frightened and so  they would also been extra cautious around my left arm. (They're boys and are kind of rough).

What was the toughest thing you faced with your PICC line?

The itching has been a constant struggle as it is crazy intense at times. 

How long have you had a PICC line for?

I've had it in for three months and have four more weeks to go. 

Why do you have a PICC line?

I decided to have it put in because my veins were starting to collapse on my left arm and they no longer can take blood from my right arm due to the removal of the cancerous lymph nodes (lymphedema).

What are some good online resources that you used on educating people on PICC lines / learning about them for yourself?

I found your website on google when typing PICC line covers and I also found good YouTube videos "How to shower with a PICC line" by Steven Leven, M.D 

Which was your favorite color of the Care+Wear PICC line covers?

I chose the tan and black covers as I feel they don't stand out and therefore my PICC line doesn't stand out. 

What did you enjoy about your Care+Wear PICC line cover?

I love how soft they feel on my skin and I also feel confident while wearing short sleeve shirts.  I don't like bringing any more attention or sympathy looks when I go out and the covers make me feel like my PICC line is not the center of attention.


Thank you so much for sharing your story! Remember that you're not alone and we're excited to be able to help! 

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