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Defying the Odds: Brandi's Inspiring Cancer Survival Journey

  • 5 min read

cancer survivor brandi in the beach

Meet Brandi, a cancer survivor who defied the odds. Diagnosed with rare Ewing Sarcoma in 2009, she fought back, healed, and reclaimed her life. Join her this Cancer Survivor's Month as she ignites resilience and empowers fellow warriors to rewrite their story. Follow her journey from today through Sunday and be inspired.

What were your initial thoughts upon learning you were cancer-free?

I was left speechless, unable to grasp the depths of it all. It felt like just yesterday when I was given that terrifying prognosis - a mere 15% chance of survival. But there I was, seven months later, in the embrace of remission, a testament to the miraculous. It was as if life had granted me a second chance, and this time, I vowed to seize it with unwavering purpose and fearlessness.

I've realized that this experience had granted me an incredible opportunity to bring meaning and purpose to my life. The fear that used to hold me back was slowly fading away, replaced by a burning desire to make a positive impact in the cancer community. I wanted to prove to people that miracles existed because I was one. I wanted to be a source of inspiration and support for those who are still fighting, just as I once was.

This second chapter, carved from the fabric of survival, transcends the mere act of subsistence; I wanted to etch an indelible mark upon my cancer community that even in the bleakest of nights, there will always be a glimmer of light that flickers.

How did cancer impact your sense of identity?

cancer survivor brandi during cancer treatment

Cancer has the power to profoundly transform how individuals perceive themselves and are perceived by others. It poses challenges to self-perception, disrupts established roles, and erodes the sense of control. Relationships can be strained, yet they can also deepen in unexpected ways. Some individuals discover a newfound purpose and meaning, drawing from their experiences to inspire and support others. The impact on identity varies from person to person. Seeking professional support can be instrumental in navigating these challenges and finding a path to flourishing beyond cancer.

In my personal journey, I had to come to terms with the fact that the old version of myself was forever changed and could not be restored. It was a difficult realization, but within that realization, there existed an incredible opportunity to reinvent myself and embrace the new person I had become after enduring such a traumatic experience. By bidding farewell to the old version of myself, I allowed space for true healing and embarked on a path of growth and positivity.

How did you find ways to maintain a sense of self throughout the treatment process?

Rather than futilely attempting to control the uncontrollable, I approached the entire situation as a transformative journey, recognizing that there would eventually be an endpoint in sight. With each passing day, I drew closer to reaching that finish line. I anchored myself in the belief that this challenging chapter would eventually come to a close, and I fully immersed myself in that mindset. I embraced the understanding that there was a definitive conclusion to this experience and resolved to endure it, regardless of how difficult or arduous it became.

Can you share a specific relationship profoundly affected by your cancer diagnosis?

cancer survivor brandi and her mom

My mother played an extraordinary role in my journey, becoming the very foundation that kept me going. After learning of my illness, she quit her job and devoted herself entirely to my care. She brought my two-year-old nephew alongside her. Meanwhile, my sister was stationed in Iraq, adding to the weight on my mother's shoulders. Yet, she somehow managed to stay composed and resilient. Even when the doctors seemed doubtful about my chances of survival, my mother stood firmly by my side, unwavering in her belief that I would overcome. Her strength became a beacon of hope for me. She gave one particular pep talk, a conversation that altered the trajectory of my life forever.

She looked at me, her voice filled with conviction, and said, "Brandi, I know the doctors don't think you will make it, but I believe in you. You're so strong! Miracles happen every day; why can't you be one? You can, and you will."

Her words resonated deep within me, igniting a fire of determination and resilience. With her by my side, I found the strength to face each day with courage, knowing I had someone who believed in me unequivocally.

My mother's love and unwavering belief in miracles became the guiding light that propelled me forward, transforming my outlook on life. Her words instilled in me the steadfast belief that I could become a living testament to the extraordinary power of resilience and the miraculous.

How did you work through the emotions and challenges together?

Through tears and laughter, we embraced life and carried on as if things were "normal." Despite the challenges, we allowed ourselves to dream about the future, picturing the incredible life that awaited us once I triumphed over cancer. Laughter became our medicine, overshadowing the tears. We made a conscious effort to make the best out of the unfortunate circumstances we found ourselves in.

In what ways has your experience with cancer influenced your aspirations, goals, or purpose in life?

Cancer has instilled fearlessness within me. It has taught me the importance of living with purpose and pursuing the things that bring me joy. I am no longer afraid of failure; instead, I am motivated to seize every opportunity that comes my way. Since my battle with cancer, I have achieved remarkable milestones: becoming a published author, venturing into entrepreneurship, obtaining my MFA in Writing, I was awarded a beautiful award from the Sarcoma Foundation of America and give the Courage award.

I work with the Sarcoma Alliance and volunteer my time as one of the Board of Directors, embarking on journeys around the globe. Most importantly, I have shared my story of hope with those who need it most. My life now is filled with immense purpose, something I had not experienced before cancer. I can confidently say that I am truly living my best life. A profound aspiration of mine is to embark on a meaningful journey, touring various hospitals and sharing my story with cancer patients who are in need of a miracle tale to ignite their hope and inspire them to persevere.


I have a deep desire to share my story of hope. When we find ourselves in the depths of despair, we seek stories that remind us miracles occur every day and that we must never surrender in the face of challenges. I aspire to become that story, the one a cancer patient looks up to and says, "If Brandi can do it, so can I." I want my story to ignite the strength they believed they lacked and empower them to overcome.

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