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Inspiring Journey of Resilience: Paige's Triumph Over Breast Cancer

  • 2 min read


Meet Paige, a breast cancer survivor and advocate. Paige was diagnosed with Stage 2B IDC (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma) Breast Cancer in September 2019. After ending her chemotherapy in March 2021, she advocates for other warriors who are battling through cancer journey's just as she once was. Continue reading to explore more of Paige's story.

What is one of the first things you did after hearing you were cancer-free?

I honestly never heard the words I was cancer free. I had a bilateral mastectomy, so it was implied, but never said. After my last infusion I alternated between excitement & anxiety at getting back to my life pre-cancer.

Can you share a specific moment or encounter during your cancer journey that had a profound impact on you and taught you a valuable life lesson?

Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I was my husband’s care partner for dialysis. His kidneys failed and he was waiting for a transplant. After my first round of chemo, I had a whole new respect for the things he dealt with on a daily basis. He spent the following months validating me and helping me work through things. As soon as I was in the mental space to do the same for other young adults, I knew I had to start sharing my story and breaking down stigmas.

In moments of doubt or fear, what were the personal mantras, practices, or rituals that helped you stay grounded and maintain a positive mindset?

I had to continue to remind myself that I was sharing my experiences to help others find answers and support I couldn’t when I needed it. Being a young face in the cancer center is hard, but being the only one there that day is harder. The online community I’ve found & “internet friends” keep me going on the hard days.


Can you describe a moment of personal growth or self-discovery that arose from your journey with cancer, and how it has impacted your life moving forward?

After I finished treatment, I had no idea what I was doing with myself. I’d quit my job during chemo, then a pandemic happened. I had designed and sold a few fundraiser t-shirts, and had more ideas on the back burner. I took a leap of faith, and decided to launch my small business, TittyCat Tees. I use my platform to share my story, education, resources, and add a little bit of humor to a bad situation. 


As a breast cancer survivor, Paige reflects on her journey with cancer, sharing how her husband's illness and her own experience inspired her to break down stigmas and support other young adults facing similar challenges. Paige's resilience and determination make her a true warrior, inspiring others to find strength and positivity in the face of adversity.

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