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Rediscovering Identity After Breast Cancer: Michelle's Journey

  • 5 min read

Michelle is a Stage 1B ER+ PR+ breast cancer survivor, thriving since January 23, 2020. Continue reading to explore more of Michelle's resilient battle with cancer and how it has given her a new sense of self and living a life filled with intention, gratitude, love, and of course, courage.

What was the most challenging part of your cancer journey, and how did you find the strength to overcome it?

The most challenging part of my breast cancer journey wasn't losing my hair, amputating my breasts, enduring chemotherapy, or going through the treatments. It was the profound loss of many things that once shaped who I was.

As an independent rising professional in New York City, suddenly being bedridden and dependent on others was challenging. My dreams were put on hold, and the future I had worked tirelessly for seemed out of reach. Some of my closest friends failed to show up, and their absence during this time felt like a devastating blow. My cancer diagnosis shattered my old beliefs that hard work would always lead to success, as I was confronted with a constant stream of bad news and the reality of plans gone awry.

In the midst of it all, I discovered the power of courage. It became my guiding light, propelling me forward despite fear and sadness. When so much of who you are is stripped away, you are forced to dig deep within yourself and rely on what remains.

Cancer may have taken a lot from me, but it never took away my courage. This remaining remnant of my old self is what reminded me to live a more intentional life, fight on my own terms, and find joy in the wins that can emerge even after significant losses.

The adversity I faced forced me to dig deep and rediscover the core of my being, shaping a stronger and more authentic me. Today, I stand tall as a survivor, embracing my new sense of self and living a life filled with intention, gratitude, love, and of course, courage.

Can you describe a significant milestone or accomplishment you achieved during your cancer journey that filled you with a sense of pride and accomplishment?

January 23, 2020 is the most significant accomplishment during my cancer journey. It will forever be etched in my memory as the day my oncologist proclaimed, "You are cancer-free." It holds the deepest meaning and encompasses all that I fought for since the day I heard those daunting words, "You have cancer."

Before breast cancer, I used to take pride in traditional milestones – graduation, marriage, buying a house, promotions. Conquering cancer transcends them all. It represents the culmination of a relentless journey marked by numerous milestones. It represents the magnitude of what I endured and overcame.

This is my proudest accomplishment because it paved the way for all other accomplishments in my life. Without this accomplishment, I wouldn’t be able to have any others.

Can you share a story of a small act of kindness or support that made a significant difference in your cancer experience?

In the face of cancer's darkness, Paul's unwavering support became my guiding light. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 27, I presented him with an out,afraid of the toll it would take on my body and our future. But without a moment's hesitation, he chose to stay.

Paul became more than a partner; he became my primary caregiver, my pillar of strength. He moved in, attended every appointment, and never left my side since I heard the words, “you have cancer.” In a world where I felt broken, he called me beautiful, embracing my bald head, changing body, and scars.

We laughed through tears, tried on wigs together, and discovered a love beyond measure — a love that defied expectations. Paul taught me the true meaning of 'in sickness and in health' long before marriage, and he taught me what it truly means to be loved unconditionally.

Cancer could have torn us apart, but instead, it brought us closer, revealing the many dimensions of love. Paul’s unwavering love has been the epitome of kindness and support in my life. He is my hero, my rock, my best friend, the love of my life, and my constant reminder that love conquers all.

Cancer can bring about profound changes in one's identity and sense of self. How did you redefine yourself and find new meaning in life after going through such a transformative experience?

I will never forget the moment that followed shortly after I received my diagnosis. My care team wasted no time in ordering a stat MRI to further assess my prognosis. The knowledge of having cancer without knowing the specifics of my tumor and my chances of survival was an indescribable weight on my shoulders.

The MRI machine represented my deepest fears, holding me captive in its claustrophobic grip. As a young woman constantly on the move in New York City, being confined to that narrow space with only my thoughts was agonizing.

In that MRI machine, a profound realization dawned upon me. I came face to face with the truth I had been avoiding: I always lacked a sense of self. To top it all off, I wasn’t certain if I’d be granted the time to fix it.

Looking back, cancer never really stripped away my true identity, but rather, it highlighted the fact that I always struggled to find it.

That MRI machine became a catalyst for change and self-reflection. From that moment forward, I made a conscious effort to prioritize self-love, to delve into the depths of my aspirations, and to live intentionally. It became clear that the key to reclaiming my identity was not in external distractions but in embracing the stillness within, listening to my inner voice and nurturing the person I truly wanted to be.

When I was deemed cancer-free, the life I once believed was beyond my reach while trapped within the MRI machine was now mine to embrace. Reclaiming my identity after cancer has been an ongoing process, one that requires resilience and self-compassion. While I am still a work in progress, I often look back at the old version of myself confined within the MRI machine, and I’m reminded of the transformative power within me.

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