A Note from Josie Natori: A Product with Meaning, the Care+Wear Arm Ac

A Note from Josie Natori: A Product with Meaning, the Care+Wear Arm Access Shirt!

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Josie + Ken Natori

I am proud of Natori’s partnership with Care+Wear to create fashionable and functional healthwear to support clinicians and patients alike. Not only was the need for more scrubs significant last year, particularly for the large number of Filipina nurses and caregivers in my native Philippines and throughout the world, but it was also clear that rethinking healthwear in general for those giving and receiving care was an untapped issue I knew I could fix.

The collaboration began with scrubs and under scrubs for men and women, and I am pleased to announce that we are expanding the collection to include Arm Access shirts for patients undergoing dialysis or any other treatment or condition that requires more access to the arm.

Care+Wear’s mission to “allow patients to feel like people” spoke to me as my husband, Ken, began dialysis treatment four times a week two years ago. While he would usually sport long sleeve shirts, he was forced to wear more functional short sleeve shirts- a sacrifice that made him feel more like a patient. That’s when it became more obvious to me that people shouldn’t have to give up clothes that make them feel comfortable and confident when they become patients. 

The launch of the Arm Access shirt is in support of my husband, and others experiencing the dialysis process firsthand. It’s also a reminder of why Natori partnered with Care+Wear in the first place; to find a creative way to design clothes that make a difference in a meaningful way.

Visit the Natori website at www.natori.com.

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