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Our Ultra Grip PICC Line Cover is Here!

  • 1 min read

Introducing Our Ultra Grip PICC Line Cover

In 2014, we set out to change how patients cared for their PICC lines with the launch of our Ultra Soft PICC Line Cover. In developing the new Ultra Grip, we wanted to make a cover that would more securely stay in place while at home or on the go. By adding a non slip silicone band to prevent slippage, the cover better stays in place. The cover also features our proprietary mesh window that provides breathability and visual access to monitor for infection.

"Working with clinicians, end-users and designers, we use a proprietary three-pronged design approach to continually improve our products to ensure they are medically superior and provide the fashion and function that patients desire," said Chat Razdan, Founder & CEO of Care+Wear.

Helpful resources for PICC Line care and reimbursement 

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  2. Caring for your PICC Line Cover
  3. How to submit to FSA and HSA for reimbursement 

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