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Prevention Stages of Breast Cancer

  • 4 min read

We were recently contacted by Jennifer who asked to write a guest post for us on the prevention stages of breast cancer. Please find her article below! Thank you Jennifer for adding your insights for our community. 

Everyone knows the importance of prevention of any of the diseases and especially those of which are life threatening. Every individual should try to follow these measures in order to prevent diseases like breast cancer. For this purpose, utilizing an earlier breast cancer screening device helps in finding out the changes in the breasts and with regular use changes in the breasts can be detected. This allows you to take the proper measures in order to stop the disease in its initial stage once confirmed. More and more research is in process to find out what all can enhance this procedure. Intervention is always the most positive aspect of any of the ongoing research methodology.

Initial or Primary Stage:

This is the initial stage which doesn’t mean that a person has breast cancer or any other disease but it is actually a stage to prevent the disease before its occurrence. In fact, this is where many dangerous diseases can be avoided. There was some great research done by our partners at the American Cancer Society.  Here's some examples of things that you can do.

    • Avoid all the unhealthy food items and stuff that can create a negative impact on your health
    • Help spread awareness as it is a very important factor. In fact, more health related awareness campaigns should be conducted to make people more aware of potential health outcomes
    • Immunization or many dietary measures can be taken at this stage of prevention

        Secondary Stage:

        This stage deals with two types of situations. The first stage is when you are in the process of detecting the disease and the second one is when you have already detected the disease. With the help of this Secondary prevention stage, cancer can be treated to avoid the future damages. The real purpose is to avert the disease by averting all of the risk factors. This is an important stage in your ability to fight cancer and can impact your future. This is the same stage when several tests and screening procedures are conducted to reach the real cause of the problem.  

          • As this stage is the detection related stage, many changes in your routine can make life easier for you, such as exercise and inclusion of healthy food in your daily routine
          • With the help of Physiological support many issues related directly with the disease can be sorted out

          Tertiary Stage:

            • This prevention stage is the most important and critical stage. This is the treatment profession stage when a patient is going through the treatment of breast cancer or any other disease. This stage is used to help the patients and their caregivers to deal with the disease. Managing the disease and treatment of it is one of the crucial stages. This management includes behaviors, habits, depression management etc. We can further elaborate it by presenting few examples.
            • Cardiac or stroke reintegration programs, chronic disease management campaigns
            • Supporting campaigns and people who help others to get back in their routine life after indulging into serious diseases like cancer
            • Vocational trainings are also included to support breast cancer patients who are professionally working for people with jobs so they can start their professional life once again

            Don’t think conventionally:

            An out of the box approach here would be more supporting than the typical thinking to take up several things and situations.  Earlier breast cancer screening devices can warn you timely so keep it with you instead of waiting for the things to happen.

            Changes in Daily Dietary Routine:

            This is something that every individual should practice in his or her life. Regular exercise along with healthy diet is a must to avoid so many health issues. For women a healthy diet packed with all essential nutrients is really essential. Many new researchers have explored the link between a healthy diet and breast cancer prevention. Balanced weight can add to the benefits which can help a woman to avoid breast cancer.

            Good News for Mothers:

            Breastfeeding can be really very much helpful for women to avoid the breast cancer. It is really very amazing news for the mothers who are feeding their children. Estrogen levels remain stable when women use to breastfeed their babies.

            Control Your Risks By Making Changes:

            You can actually control your risks by making some healthy changes in your routine.  If someone is at the risk of getting breast cancer there are methods to reduce the risks to avoid the disease. These risks can be because of your age, genetic reasons or some other family history related issues.

            You need to visit the consultant to talk about your risks and the changes you can make to lessen the intensity. You need to follow the healthy ways of life to avoid disease like breast cancer and also should look for the changes by using earlier breast cancer screening device.

            Author Bio:

            Jennifer is an enthusiastic writer and a researcher who tends to follow a path which leads her to the road of wellness. 

            We are always happy to feature guest bloggers such as Jennifer and help promote your research and learnings to the community. Thank you Jennifer for contributing to the community! 

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