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Ultimate Guide to Wearing Scrubs Fashionably

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Scrubs can feel fashionably limiting, but the good news is, there are so many ways to style and customize them to fit your body type and personality. In this guide, we’ve answered the most common questions when it comes to wearing scrubs and give advice on how to wear scrubs fashionably.

Are scrubs unisex?

Scrubs can be either unisex or gendered. Unisex scrubs typically sit close to your natural waist and have a relaxed fit.

Similar to unisex scrubs, men’s scrubs have a more relaxed fit than women’s scrubs. Men’s scrub tops are also cut wider, have longer sleeves and torso length as well as roomier armholes.

How should scrubs fit me?

Scrubs are supposed to fit loose enough to allow for easy movement, but tight enough to be professionally appropriate. For a more semi-fitted look, many opt in for our 2-pocket v-neck scrubs.  Healthcare professionals typically wear scrubs for 8-12 hours during their shift or longer. That means scrubs have to be both durable and comfortable enough to wear over long periods of time.

Like with any article of clothing, you should know your measurements in order to find scrubs that will fit you comfortably. These measurements include your inseam, hips, waist, and chest. Knowing your measurements will make it significantly easier to read a size chart and is especially key if you plan to order any scrubs online.

To see if a scrub top fits well, make sure to lift your arms up when you try one on. If you can lift them comfortably and without the top rising up too much, that’s a good sign. When you try on your scrubs pants, make sure they’re not dragging on the ground or falling off of your waist.  Find out more about scrubs sizing and guidelines here. 

How to tie your scrub pants

If you wear scrubs with a drawstring waist, you can tie them so that they remain securely in place. Here’s how: 

  1. Grab the two ends of the drawstring and pull them tight. Do not tie a knot, simply pull on both strings so that the pants become tighter around your waist. 
  2. Make one loop with one of your strings.
  3. Take the other string and loop it around the loop you made with the other string and pull the end through your original loop. 
  4. Optional: tie the two loops around each other for extra security. 

What material are scrubs made of?

Some scrubs are made of 100% cotton, while others are made from cotton, polyester, and rayon blends. Pure cotton scrubs are breathable, but they can wrinkle easily. Scrubs made from pure polyester or fabric blends tend to be less shrinkage-prone and less wrinkle-prone. 

Our men’s and women’s scrubs are made from an antimicrobial blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex for maximum moisture-wicking comfort and stretch. 

How to shrink your scrubs

If your scrubs are a little too big, you can shrink them by washing them in a washing machine. Scrubs that are made from 100% cotton shrink more than a cotton/polyester blend. Scrubs made from 100% polyester should not shrink. Be sure to check the label before washing. 

How to wear scrubs fashionably 

  1. Wear the right size

    Wearing the right size is key for comfort as well as style. After taking your measurements, you should hopefully be able to find scrubs that work. You can always have your scrubs tailored to fit you even more precisely.

  2. Pick the right cut for your body type

    Scrub tops and scrub pants come in a variety of different cuts. Some people may find that v-neck tops or pants with tapered legs fit them best. Finding the right cuts that hug your body in the right place will be instrumental for a fashionable look. Depending on the cut, you can also tuck your scrubs in for a more professional, secure look.

  3. Choose a flattering color

    Picking scrubs that complement or highlight your hair, skin, or eyes is never a bad idea. If you have the option to wear any color scrubs, take a look at your current wardrobe to get a sense of which colors you tend to gravitate towards. Depending upon where you work, you may be required to wear a specific color, such as black or ceil blue. Learn more about scrub colors here.

  4. Match your scrub top with your scrub pants

    These days, scrubs come in both solid colors and patterns. You can go with a monochromatic look, which is always stylish, an all-printed look, or combine the two. Try not to mix patterns, as it’s easy to end up clashing them. If you want to wear one printed item and one solid color item, make sure the solid colored item is one of the colors found in the pattern so that it’s a guaranteed match.

  5. Accessorize appropriately

    Accessories are a great way to personalize any outfit, scrubs included. Try wearing different watches or hair clips for a more customized aesthetic. 

How to wear a scrub cap with long or short hair

You can still have a good hair day even after wearing a scrub cap. If you have long hair, use claw clips or silk scrunchies to loosely gather and tie your hair securely under your scrub cap. When you remove your cap, you can take out the clips or scrunchie and go about the rest of your day. With short hair, a clip or scrunchie may not be necessary. Simply gather any loose pieces or hair under the cap and tuck them in securely. 

What shoes should I wear with scrubs? 

According to forums like Reddit and Quora, many doctors, nurses, and other staff recommend wearing running sneakers. This is solely due to the fact that you’ll need to be on your feet all day, so comfort should be a main priority. Crocs are another option in case sneakers aren’t your thing. 

Keep in mind that your shoes will most likely get worn and dirty, so it’s best to choose a pair that you are okay with potentially staining or tearing through. 

What do I wear under scrubs?

Tank tops, undershirts, and thin long sleeve shirts are perfectly acceptable to wear under scrub tops. We recommend wearing comfortable spandex shorts or leggings under scrub pants. Wearing white or flesh-colored undergarments is also a good idea, because those colors have a much lower chance of showing through your scrubs. You can learn more about the mens and women's underscrubs that we make here.


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