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Scrubs Made For Function and Fashion

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If you are a healthcare professional, you probably spend a lot of time in your scrubs, whether you are on the clock or not. You might be sporting your teal scrubs while running errands before and after work, on your way to a workout, when you’re grabbing coffee or lunch, maybe even to grab a bite to eat after your shift. When designing our scrubs, we have truly assumed they are part of your daily routine and a wardrobe essential. While they were invented in the 1940s as a result of sanitary regulations, scrubs have evolved into so much more. Because of their newfound versatility, healthcare professionals are opting for scrubs that are both fashionable and functional, making their lives easier no matter where they are. Continue reading to learn what to look for in a great pair of scrubs.

Fabric and Fitting

How you feel in your scrubs determines how you perform during the day. Many clinicians prioritize comfort, especially during long shifts and being on the go. Our scrubs, created in collaboration with The Natori Company, are made of soft, flexible, antimicrobial, wrinkle-resistant fabric, allowing you to move effortlessly from home to hospital and everywhere in between.

In addition to the fabric, the way your scrubs fit also matters. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, our new 2-pocket scrub shirts are designed to be semi-fitted. From this top to our relaxed fit options with even more pockets, our sizes range from XXS (our newest size!) to XXL. Here’s our scrubs sizing and guidelines to better help you find the best fit for you.


scrub pockets

You may not realize how much something as simple as a pocket can impact your day, but if you are in the medical field, it really can. When there's a place for everything, from medical supplies and notepads to personal belongings like your cell phone, you can move through your day effortlessly with everything you need at your fingertips. Our scrubs come in a variety of styles with a range of pocket options from our simple 2 pocket top to our 7- and 8-pocket options. More pockets equals more storage!

Tucked-In Scrubs

tucked in scrubs

Tucked-in scrubs are preferred by many medical workers for added comfort and a more secure look. Because of the bottom pockets, traditional tops can be difficult or less comfortable to tuck. Our new 2-pocket scrub tops are our most versatile tops yet, crafted for function and fashion. With one main pocket and stitching for a pen pocket, clinicians can tuck in their scrubs effortlessly. And if tucking in isn't your thing, our new scrub tops will still give you a more polished look and feel while still delivering maximum coverage and flexibility.

Our new scrubs are available in black, navy, and a brand-new teal color! Wondering which color is the right fit for you? This scrubs color meaning chartmay be useful.

Jogger Scrubs

jogger scrubs in teal

You're probably seeking adaptability in your scrubs if you're always on the run. Jogger scrubs have become a popular choice for clinicians because of their casual and comfortable style. The antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fabric selected by Care+Wear and Natori is flexible, flattering and made for movement. You’ll be feeling good wherever and whenever you wear them. With 12 pockets and a tailored cut, our lightweight joggers are made to support you around the clock.


Goodbye to the days of boxy scrubs within the medical industry. Scrubs from Care+Wear are made to be functional and fashionable without compromising comfort, having you primed and ready to conquer whatever the day brings you.

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