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We’ve Partnered With CVS: A Letter From Chat

  • 1 min read

Dear Care+Wear Community,

We are thrilled to share that select Care+Wear product are now available in over 800 CVS locations throughout the United States. OurPICC line covers andshower covers are featured in theCVS Health Hubs, a new destination for care inside CVS locations across the nation. You or your loved ones can nowvisit a store near you and experience our products before purchase. We always want to serve the community in the most impactful way, and being in CVS is another way we can deliver on that promise.

We are excited to partner with a company whose goal is similar to ours - to humanize healthcare and make it more accessible for everyone. Our goal is to continue to make a positive impact and meet our patients and clinicians wherever they are, whether it's at CVS,online, or in your local doctor’s office or hospital. Our products are designed to not only provide comfort and dignity to patients but also make their lives easier as they go through their healthcare journeys. 

Our partnership with CVS will enable us to strengthen our connection with our existing community and introduce Care+Wear to patients looking for a better healthwear experience. We are dedicated to continuing to touch the lives of the Care+Wear community and our partnership with CVS will bring our efforts to new heights. Let’s reimagine healthcare(+wear) together.

Chat Razdan 
CEO & Founder of Care+Wear

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