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While life may be returning to normal for many, our healthcare workers deserve to be celebrated 24/7 just like during the height of the pandemic. Read more from our CEO on why we’re fighting for a fashion industry that celebrates all those in healthcare.
  • 3 min read
Learn about a cancer survivor's experience working on the front lines during the pandemic.
  • 3 min read

"A lot of people call me a hero. I don't feel like one though. I'm just a young woman with an autoimmune disease trying to get through 2020."

Once we started seeing stories that cancer treatments were being postponed due to COVID, I completely lost my mind. I was petrified I would get a call one day telling me that my double mastectomy could not proceed as planned. And sure enough, one day, my phone rang, and it confirmed my fears.
Stay informed about COVID-19 with expert advice from healthcare professionals. Learn about symptoms, prevention, and staying healthy.
  • 5 min read
What is herd immunity? How does it work? This post answers some of the recently growing questions and curiosity about the trending topic of Herd Immunity.