Care+Wear and Stupid Cancer Announce New Partnership to Support Resili

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Care+Wear and Stupid Cancer Announce New Partnership to Support Resilience and Recovery Among Cancer Survivors

Healthwear Company Teams Up with Cancer Advocacy Organization to Empower Adolescents and Young Adults Living with and Recovering from Cancer 

(New York, NY) – Care+Wear, a leading healthwear company developing innovative, adaptive products  that bridge fashion and function for patients, announced its partnership with Stupid Cancer, a non-profit that helps end isolation by building community for adolescents and young adults (AYA) battling cancer. Each year 89,500 adolescents and young adults are diagnosed with cancer. Over the past 30 years, despite great improvements in cancer care, diagnosis and survival rates for AYAs have not improved. Care+Wear is teaming up with Stupid Cancer to advance awareness around the experiences, challenges, and resiliency of the AYA cancer community, and the healthwear company will commit 15% of purchases made via affiliate link to advancing Stupid Cancer’s mission of community through recovery, as well as offer exclusive benefits to members of the Stupid Cancer community.  

“Dignity is at the heart of what Care+Wear stands for, and through this partnership with Stupid Cancer our hope is that  we can offer support, comfort, care, and dignity to those battling cancer as well as those who have survived it,” said  Chaitenya Razdan, CEO and Founder of Care+Wear. “Together, my hope is thatwe can help create a more unified community that can provide strength and resilience to those who are on the journey to recovery. Stupid Cancer is an incredible organization, and I am honored to work with Alison as we jumpstart this partnership.”  

"Stupid Cancer brings together everyone affected by adolescent and young adult cancer - patients, survivors, caregivers, and professionals. AYAs face a unique set of challenges because their diagnosis falls at a crucial stage in their personal and professional development. Issues around body image are a huge concern for our community,” said  Alison Silberman, CEO of Stupid Cancer.Care+Wear is changing that – giving people with cancer a way  to feel more comfortable, more like themselves. The work Care+Wear is undertaking to restore dignity to the recovery process is transformative to the community at-large. That is why I'm excited for this partnership and what it means for adolescents, and young adults everywhere going through possibly one of the most difficult periods in their lives.”

As part of this partnership, Care+Wear will host a special Instagram Live Q&A conversation with Alison Silberman, CEO of Stupid Cancer, on April 15th at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT to discuss how Stupid Cancer is inspiring a community of resilience and recovery, as well as how the AYA cancer community has come together to support one another amid a pandemic.

Learn more about the partnership here.



About Care+Wear: 

Care+Wear is a healthwear company bridging fashion and function to create a more human healthcare experience. Founded in 2014, Care+Wear works with patients, clinicians, and designers to develop healthwear that promotes dignity, style, and comfort for patients at home, on-the-go, and where care is provided. Their products, which include post-mastectomy recovery bras and PICC line covers for chronic care patients, to Oscar de la Renta port access hoodies for oncology patients, PPE, and more, are used in more than 80 hospital systems globally including Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, NYU Langone Health and more.  For more information, visit


About Stupid Cancer: 

Stupid Cancer's mission is to empower everyone affected by adolescent and young adult cancer by ending isolation and building community so that everyone in in the AYA community is supported, understood, and accepted. Through innovative online and in-person programming and strategic communications, the organization aims to provide support, resources, education, and a sense of community for AYAs across the country.. For more information, please visit


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Isabel Shepard
Public Affairs Associate