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All You Need To Know About Embroidering Your Scrubs

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Why Medical Professionals Embroider Their Scrubs

If you’re a medical professional, being in uniformed scrubs is an essential part of your everyday. Your workplace may have a strict dress code policy, like mandating a specific scrubs color or restricting any patterns on your scrubs, which can ultimately limit how you can express your professional style.

Accessorizing your scrubs with custom embroidery is the perfect solution to adding your own personal touch and expressing your individuality. Many medical professionals choose to embroider their scrubs because it’s easier for patients and colleagues to identify them. Others want to enhance their professional look in a simple but stylish way.  No matter the reason, embroidered scrubs are a great way to stand out from the crowd.

embroidered scrubs close up

Customizing Your Embroidery

When embroidering your medical scrubs, you can choose your thread color, placement, and font style preference. 


We currently offer blue, white, and black thread. Depending on the color of your scrubs, you can choose the thread that best compliments your professional attire.

scrubs color choice

Text Placement

You have the option to place your text either on the right or left of your scrubs top. Many medical professionals prefer embroidery above their chest pocket. 

Font Style

You can choose between block or script font for your embroidery. Block font is ideal if you are trying to achieve a more crisp look while script font is a more stylish approach. Ultimately, picking your font style is purely personal preference.

What to Include In Your Embroidery

Our embroidery feature gives you two lines of text with 28 special characters per line. Medical professionals usually include their name and credentials on the first line and department on the second line. You can also simply only embroider your name to add a simple but distinct touch to your scrubs.

embroidery sample

How To Add Embroidery To Your Scrubs

  1. Choose your favorite style of scrubs. Whether you want a scrub top that is a bold royal blue,effortlessly tucks in, or one that has many pockets, the choice is yours! 

  2. Press on “add embroidery” to add the feature to your scrubs. This will allow you to personalize and test how embroidery will look best on your new scrub top.

embroidery process
  1. After going through the personalization prompts, add to your cart and check-out! Don’t forget to add additional accessories to make your scrubs stylish and uniquely yours!

Cost and Shipping

Personalizing your scrub top with embroidery not only gives you a polished look, but it’s also affordable! Getting custom embroidery on your favorite scrubs only costs $12. After processing your order, it approximately takes up to an additional two weeks for your embroidered scrubs to ship. Our goal is to ensure your custom embroidery is well-crafted and you look, feel, and perform your best when you’re wearing your new scrubs!


What other questions do you have about embroidered scrubs? Let us know in the comments!

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