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Celebrating Courage: Paislee's Journey Through Childhood Leukemia

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Join us on an inspiring journey through Paislee's battle against Leukemia, as we follow the remarkable story of resilience and hope shared by Katelynn, her devoted mother and advocate. It's been a year since Paislee's life took an unexpected turn with a leukemia diagnosis. Through the ups and downs, challenges, and significant milestones, the impact of childhood cancer has touched every aspect of their lives. By opening up about their experiences, Katelynn and Paislee aim to not only motivate others but also serve as a beacon of hope for families facing similar battles with childhood cancer. Continue reading to learn more.

Navigating Paislee's Cancer Diagnosis

One year ago, our lives took an unimaginable turn when Paislee was diagnosed with leukemia. The past 365 days have been an emotional rollercoaster filled with challenges, that has tested every fiber of our being. It has been a year marked by horror, trauma, and an unrelenting fight against this ruthless disease.

The world stopped turning when her doctor delivered the news. We were overcome with shock, disbelief, and fear that gripped my heart – an intensity I pray you’ll never know. The reality of what lies ahead was like a dark cloud looming over us, casting its shadow on our once ordinary lives.

From that moment onward, our days became a battlefield. We navigated countless hospital visits, endured painful procedures, and witnessed our precious Paislee undergo grueling treatments. Each day seemed to bring a new set of obstacles, pushing us to the edge of our emotional and physical limits. It felt as if we were trapped in a never-ending nightmare, desperately searching for a way out.

Paislee's Battles and Milestones

But in the midst of this darkness, we found moments of strength and resilience. Paislee's courage in the face of unimaginable pain became a guiding light, inspiring us to keep fighting. Her spirit, once vibrant and carefree, may have dimmed, but it never faded entirely. It burned like an ember, igniting hope within us and reminding us of the preciousness of every single day.

Parenting Paislee has been such a blessing, she has showed us so much to be thankful for. One of our biggest blessings is her strength. Each phase brings new obstacles but that doesn’t stop her. Paislee looks forward to each phase ending because that brings her little celebrations. No cake can take away cancer but it does bring a smile and more determination to look forward to.

Paislee has hit many milestone and one of our biggest is coming up. She will enter maintenance soon. But I’ll have to say one of our strongest and challenging accomplishments will be her fighting a deadly bacteria infection with led her to the ICU with organs failing. She fought a hard 7 months before we even got a chance to fight cancer. I’ll forever remember that day and the grace of overcoming that milestone.

Finding Strength as Paislee's Advocate 

Paislee’s Journey has put me in a dark place , I closed myself out from others. Even at times my marriage was even dark. Nothing about cancer is easy. One thing that I can say that has been a big source of strength is finding my inner advocate as a mother and sharing our story, helping other families look for the signs and to strengthen other parents to be their childs advocate.

Our children don't have the voice, so please use yours.

Now, as I reflect upon this tumultuous year, my heart is filled with a mixture of emotions. There is gratitude for the moments of respite, anger at the unfairness of it all, and an unyielding determination to continue fighting with every ounce of our being. We have witnessed Paislee's incredible strength, her unwavering spirit, and the depth of her resilience. She has taught us the true meaning of bravery and has shown us that even in the face of unimaginable odds, love can conquer all.

“ Feed Your Faith , And Your Fears will Starve to Death “

#paisleestrong 🧡

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