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Donna shares her personal story of being diagnosed with cervical cancer and becoming a survivor. From her own experience, she shares 7 helpful tips that have helped her during her cancer treatments.
  • 8 min read
Brandi shares her story of getting diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, during deployment in Iraq and learning the importance of self-love
  • 6 min read
Choosing comfortable work shoes can affect your entire body, from preventing lower back pain and unsteadiness, to curing fatigue and tendonitis. The shoes you wear can make all of the difference in your work day. It allows you to practice patient care without suffering from pain that can be avoided
  • 4 min read
New York, NY -- Launch of the new Care+Wear product, the arm access top! Bridging fashion and function while allowing patients to feel like people.

In February 2020, Courtney was  was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35. Both her mom and father’s sister are breast cancer survivors multiple times over, and because of their histories, she had been in a high-risk breast cancer screening program for 10+ years. Read her story here and how our Post Surgical Bra helped her.

Our 2021 Clinician Gift Guide is here!  The Care+Wear x N Natori collaboration features both a men’s and a women’s line of scrubs. Both lines include scrub tops, an underscrub top, as well as a tapered pant or jogger pant. Both the men’s and women’s line range from sizes XS to XXL and come in Navy, Royal, Ceil, Black, and more!

  • 1 min read
Our 2021 Patient Gift Guide is here! From port tops to masks and PICC Line covers, we have an array of useful products that provide support to those undergoing chemotherapy, infusions for chronic illness, and more. Check them out here!
On Monday, November 8th, innovative healthwear company Care+Wear hosted the second installment of their webinar series, entitled “A Symptom of the Pandemic - Accelerating Patient-Focused Care & Healthcare Consumerism.” Care+Wear brought together leaders in patient-centered care to discuss how the pandemic augmented their approach to healthcare consumerism.
  • 3 min read
Do you know someone who is still deciding what type of medicine they want to practice? This community blog takes a deep dive into Dr. Johnson's journey to podiatry. If you find this story compelling, pass it along!
  • 4 min read
A couple of weeks ago, Chat Razdan had the privilege of returning to his alma mater, the University of Virginia (UVA), to meet the generous couple bringing compassion and comfort to 1,000 babies in UVA Health’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  • 2 min read
“Sir, You Have Breast Cancer!” These are the first words Harvey heard when being diagnosed with male breast cancer. Yes, men do have breast, tissue and often because no one is checking, male breast cancer is diagnosed when it is much further progressed. Male breast cancer accounts for about 1% of all diagnoses. Each year approximately 2,300 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and over 500 men will die in the U.S. 
  • 4 min read
Someone you love has cancer, how can you help? what should you do? What shouldn’t you do? Diagnosed with breast cancer at 24, Montana describes a list of things that got her through the tough times.
Reflecting on Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s impossible for me not to step back and survey the impact of this disease: one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. That means the devastating reality is that many – if not all – of us will know at least one woman grappling with both the physical and psychological toll of this condition. 
Introducing Our Ultra Grip PICC Line Cover. In developing the new Ultra Grip, we wanted to make a cover that would more securely stay in place while at home or on the go. By adding a non slip silicone band to prevent slippage, the cover better stays in place.
  • 1 min read
“We first started our partnership with Care+Wear in 2018 with the creation of The Hoodie, which honored Oscar de la Renta who battled cancer for over eight years," says Alex Bolen, CEO of Oscar de la Renta. "The issues that The Hoodie solves for those being treated with cancer were issues that Oscar himself faced. We think he would be pleased that we are helping to find solutions in a fashionable way. We are pleased to continue our partnership with an extended offering of colors.”
  • 2 min read

As a company built for and by members of the healthcare community, we at Care+Wear have heard firsthand the feelings of defeat and utter weariness that plague clinicians and patients alike as the pandemic rages on. 

We’ve listened to the stories of cancer patients who were once surrounded by a community of fighters and survivors and who are now forced to go without, isolated by the fear of exposing one another to the threat of COVID-19 while immunocompromised and undergoing the stress of treatment. 

  • 3 min read
My name is Aaishwariya Gulani and I am a 3rd-year student at University of Central Florida.  From my time at UCF, I realized that we all entered medical school full of hope and wide-eyed, not quite sure how the next four years were going to go.  The only thing getting us through was that at the end of it was the job we have been dreaming of for most of our lives: becoming a doctor.  There is so much more to the game that I wanted to share with you, to help better your journey into the healthcare field. 
  • 4 min read
Amid rising hospitalizations due to COVID, a new survey from leading healthwear company, Care+Wear, finds that the way to improve patient experience is through privacy and communication rather than flashy amenities.
  • 3 min read
There are many benefits to having a tunneled central venous catheter rather than a regular IV. The most important benefit is that it reduces the number of needle sticks.