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Living with a chronic illness means a trip to the ER can happen at any moment. Stay prepared with these 13 essential items for your hospital "go-bag."
Cheyanne shares how living with medical devices such as her wheelchair, feeding tubes, and IV lines has shaped her identity.
Amy shares how the stigma surrounding both being an individual with a disability and a mother have led her to embrace her sexuality.
Navigating life as a full-time employee and patient is no easy feat. Christina shares how she manages working while also being chronically ill.
Eating can be a difficult task when living with gastoparesis. Grace shares some of the foods that work for her during a flare-up.
Gillian has been dealing with chronic pain for as long as she can remember. From finding joy in every day to advocating for herself, read the top 10 lessons that Gillian learned from living with chronic pain.
Living with constant pain, not being able to eat, frequent hospitalizations, and relying on medical devices took a toll on Rachel's life. Although she realizes her life and nutrition may look a lot different than others, she accepts it as her normal. 

Living with a chronic illness means your health can go from feeling normal to "I'm going to pass out" in the blink of an eye. That's why it can be nice to know you're extra prepared in case of an emergency. Chronic illness warrior Riss shares her backpack essentials to help you feel safe and secure when you're on the go. 

Living with an illness that can make your stomach feel like its constantly on fire, cause extreme nausea and make you lose weight rapidly can be a very stressful experience. As a result, Caleigh has found a number of ways to stay occupied and positive, even when going through tough times health-wise.
Many of you have asked how to protect yourself from COVID-19 due to compromised immunity from chronic illness, or chemo treatment. We asked two of our clinical advisors what they are advising their patients.
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"EDS has ravaged my body and my life in every conceivable way." Read Rachel's inspiring journey through chronic illness, her disorders, and how she didn't let it come in the way of her education and profession.
"For many months they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I would vomit every time I ate. I couldn’t hold anything down, which led to malnutrition, fatigue, dizziness, and passing out." Read Kristy's inspiring journey!