Someone that I love has cancer, what can I do? From tips to helping at home to helping the caregiver, Danielle shares her experience and chooses to become a helpful voice for all those undergoing cancer.

We address common questions about PICC Line Care: How Do I Care For My PICC Line? How Do You Flush a PICC Line? Can I Drink Alcohol With a PICC Line? How to Change the PICC Line Dressing.
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This blog explains What is a PICC line, What it is Used For, the Benefits & Risks, Potential Alternatives, and why to use a PICC line cover.
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Many of you have asked how to protect yourself from COVID-19 due to compromised immunity from chronic illness, or chemo treatment. We asked two of our clinical advisors what they are advising their patients.
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Many in our community receive medical treatment through a process called vascular access. In this post, we address: What is Vascular Access, Vascular Access Devices, Types of Vascular Access, Common Problems and Complications, and Preventing Infections.

  • 4 min read
Intravenous antibiotics are antibiotics that are administered directly into a vein so that they can enter the bloodstream immediately and bypass the absorption in the gut. It is estimated that more than 250,000 patients in the US receive outpatient IV antibiotics to treat bacterial infections.
For 20-year-old Caleigh Miller of Wallkill, New York, life is something to be lived to the fullest. If you ever speak with Caleigh, she’s one of the bubbliest people you’ll ever meet – effervescent and full of energy. Caleigh is many things, a lover of the color pink, an aspiring actress and also a chronic illness fighter. Caleigh shares her top tips for staying occupied and positive, even when going through tough times health-wise.
The Global Lyme Alliance asked their community on social media what they thought were essential items to bring to treatment. This Lyme disease gift guide provides inspiration for caregivers who want to help their loved ones.

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